18 thoughts on “It May Be Beside The Point But Who Does That?

    • Being a Poor Folk who can remember only paying to have my boots shined one time in my entire life some forty years ago, while I was still wearing them, you are correct.
      I wouldn’t have thought of that.


    • Something else my Poor Folk background would have never known.
      Hell I’m just slinging my ignorance all over the internet today.
      One of my favorite things to do in my spare time anyway.


  1. Like a lot of people I work with I used to keep a pair of sneakers in the office and go out walking at lunch time. When they sent us all off to work from home for “2 weeks to flatten the curve” I knew it was BS and cleaned out what little personal items were left in my desk including shoes. Been working full time from home since the 2nd week of March and the only time I’m planning on going back is to process out for retirement and that right soon. BTW – not being negative about work, It’s just time to hand it off to the next generation and I ain’t leaving any moldy shoes behind. Paid my dues and putting on my walking shoes!


    • I have said before, this was in the planning stages at considerations for a long time. They wanted something like this beer pong virus to shift workers home and have them subsidized their own offices… That way they can get rid of expensive commercial properties and make even more MONEY. Sure ya work at home, lower commute costs and most time work in your bra and panties, but, ya can’t deduct your office cost and expenses on your personal taxes. Most of you office dwellers are fucked.


      • You have a valid point, but the working at home and avoiding all the under 40? and over 60? people that can’t drive worth a shit on the commute and I’ll say Covid been berry berry good to me. I know it’s not good for many, but we all have our occasional challenges and beside that I’ve paid my dues and do not feel guilty about getting this break. (Work in IT and can do anything at home as at the office.)


    • Congrats Mikey! If you’ve any doubts about the decision, you won’t regret it. I retired a year earlier than I had wanted to. The stress was starting to eat me alive and I’m not as resilient as I used to be. Here a couple years later I can say without reservation: NO REGRETS! I loved the science; I liked the work for the most part, but the corporate work environment was a killer.


  2. And who wears pimp shoes to work? Oh, Pimps and wanna be pimps do… Them are ugly-assed wimming looking shoes too. Give me a solid and nice looking black Oxford any ‘ole time.


  3. I have a some Sandro Moscoloni shoes that I got at Goodwill. As I was leaving the store with my sister she looked up my new shoes on her phone and told me that I had just purchased $165 shoes for $6!!

    So you never know, this guy could still be just a regular human being that found a bargain…they are really nice BTW…


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