Panic In D.C..

Take the time to watch this.

H/T to my Pal Irish. He’s The Man.

Now take a peek at this electoral map that got posted on Twatter by a guy.

Oh yeah, that guy who posted it isn’t just some random dood, he’s running for Congress.

Wishful thinking, 410 Electoral votes you say?

Or is this what the dirty sonsabitches who just rigged our election saw coming in real time so they panicked and turned their rigged voting machines to Wide Open Throttle for Slow Joe the Pedo?

Maybe it would go a long ways to explain why all those states just stopped counting ballots all at once with a bunch of mealy mouthed excuses and then in the dead of night all of a sudden came up with millions of votes for Ol’ Joe out of the blue?

Btw, that map?

Someone did some digging on it by using Tineye to see where it came from.

They couldn’t find it anywhere except Donald Trumps Twitter account but it never showed up on Twitter because THOSE rotten sonsabitches keep blocking his Tweets.

If you are smarter than the average Democrat, ask yourself this question.

If Trump knew that these fuckers have been rigging elections going back as far as living memory in the first place, actually listened to them bragging in advance that they were going to rig this one and has the power of the entire U.S. Government at his fingertips, do you think maybe he had the NSA targeting everyone involved in this months and months ago?

You know, the No Such Agency that records every single electronic emission from every single source pretty much on the face of the planet?

Maybe, just maybe had Military Intelligence doing the same thing?

After all, screwing around with any election is generally frowned upon but fucking with the most important Presidential Election of our lifetimes miiiiiiight just fall under the heading of TREASON.

Especially if what we are hearing about these machines being connected to the internet and places like Germany hosting the servers for them and freaking SPAIN of all places actually counting ballots turns out to be true. Or maybe those rumors that China, Venezuela and Cuba being involved in all of this mess are accurate too. NOW we are talking foreign interference and something about aiding and abetting our enemies comes to mind.

This fucking deal isn’t anywhere near over and these dumbasses running around like they already own the joint are going to land on their asses hard when the rug gets yanked out from under them.

Best be stocking up on popcorn folks, you ain’t seen anything yet.

27 thoughts on “Panic In D.C..

  1. Trump knew this and yet he still campaigned like a Man driven! Ya gotta hand it to him, a big heart and a set of big brass eggs! I want to see these fuckers perp walked!

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  2. oh yeah u aint said half it they all are in a world of shit
    chk out the god emperors EO
    they walked right into a trap
    Q was always right
    its a killer

    chk the link to the source piece too

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    • I just read that whole thing. I had seen that info on Qresearch earlier.
      BTW, These fuckers really got it in for you buddy. I have had to dig a couple of comments out of the Spam folder….


      • they go as far as highjack my link between my puter and gab connection and lock me out.
        Andrew fixes it if I tell him but I hate bothering the guy, hes probably got far larger fish to fry.
        i can tell they are up to their insect bullshit, javascript wonky, cant access websites, lately not just locked out of email accounts, the account doesnt exist.
        its so fucking pathetic. like im supposed to be ass-scared or intimidated or something. whats the point? yeah they inhibit me almost not at all or less. do they even have an inkling its impissible to stop the message and good folks communicating, or is it a really degenerate lust for a fix of petty useless power?
        from when they first tried to shut me up its been 14 years now, farcas i can find out i was the first person doing investigative journalism and being a firebrand on the dawn of comment threads it was like yelling into a wilderness, folks had no way to make linkage with what i was writing and saying because nobody even had an idea what i was saying because they didnt know the secret cable existed and controlled what was dissiminated by the public. but i must have been right over the targets cause even back then they went bugfuck, sheryl atkinson doesnt know what being pestered by the fuckers is like, what they did to her is a fart in a mitten.

        do these insects even know there is an entire beautiful world full of great folks living real lives where people actually do real things in meat space? create tangible things with actually physically making something? do they have any concept they are the real slaves to something so hideous? its they who are the controlled, their entire being is something being censored, like their humanity? thats the pathetic aspect, i think they live in a hive that only rxists in their collective minds they been so brainwashed, or programmed. NPC is sadly so very suitable. i think they are so corrupted spiritually they are incapable of escaping the globo=pedo plantation.
        if they believe they are effecting my freedoms and choices, its really ironic, because it is them who are slaves to trying to stop us, and with each effort their slavery increases because it reinforces itself in a closed loop, it echos.
        it us they are gaslighting, they are gaslighting themselves from the species, its self destructive, they destroy everything they come into contact with, but its not the world we live in they destruct and subvert, our world is naturally antifragile, reslieient, like letting a virus burn itself out inempeded or restricted, then people build immunity. these insects continiously inhibit that natural antifragile open source, because they are a virus, a virus for your mind, keeping it in that closed loop hive it constantly mutates and kills its host.
        maybe that nonsensicle anology, but they really aint part of the human race thats evolving along time honored traditions for 5000 years, they’re a mutant dead end branch, a sub species that eventually expires. they think order is something they construct by which they create chaos, but us natural folks, we are naturally chaotic because the order of the universe tends towards entropy. its counterintuitive and paradoxicle sounding, but a great anology is a photo i saw once, there’s a tip of a spruce bough next to a bunch of wod toothpicks, one’s named order one is named chaos.
        and whats really interesting is the dark secret overlords who control the human insects slaves who are the minons of the hive collective human extinction movement, they think “Order Out of Chaos” will give them ultimate raw naked absolute power.
        i dont know how to convey the contradiction in terms this really is, this state of mind, but I can say, there is a fundamental existential flaw in these fuckers, that i’m so dangerous, such a threat, they have tried to stop me for 14 years? that an hour and 5 minutes after their messiah was sworn in as their overlord figure head they went after me? the assholes just gained the throne of power over the earth, the most powerful seat of power on earth, imagine all the things need doing, the list of priorities goes with that throne, and within an hour they attack me who is a uneducated dyslexic welder trying to write like a investigative journalist? WTF man! What is wrong with this picture? how could i be so dangerous? they have blocked me from every reader comment platform that exists now. 14 years now, a decade and a half, they been chasing me around the web trying to shut me up. its become a badge of honor for me. Im rather proud that they despise and fear me that much.
        my only regret is they aint jumped the shark where i and our Legion, we, but me personally, can use my musket and show them how dangerous we really are. Meat Space. Where BFYTW is always a choice.

        Soon. Because in America comeuppance is a fundamental built in part of our codes and ethos. Because America is by nature antifragile. We never forget and we never forgive such things, because they are things which are incompatable, with every America stands for and was built to withstand, not survive, but surthrive.

        Because in America, nobody and I mean fucking no-one tells us real Americans what our priorities are. It is the single greatest thing that makes America like nothing else in all of history. Its what is and will continue to keep us winners.

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  3. So…..are we going to learn anything from all of this? My “normal”, “logical”,patriotic brain says that we need to remember all of this and create a better way to vote. We should put into place: pre-registering to vote (no same day registering or using the DMV as a form of registration), paper ballots (screw the MSM and their slavish need for instant information; we will be waiting till Dec for this election results/ why not do that for every election) and the best for last……dip your finger into a purple dye (that way 120 year old people won’t be voting)
    BUT, none of that will transpire…..we are talking about the lazy GOP party aren’t we……

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  4. it wouldn’t be Treason, that’s for giving aid and comfort to external enemies.

    This would be Barraty. Consipiring against the owners of a ship or it’s cargo. Basically its piracy by the crew.


  5. Tip of the Hat to Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General and Governor Greg Abbott for turning down Dominion. The voter turnout in Texas was massive and it looks like everybody got their vote counted win lose or draw. Notice that Texas is a state where the results are not in question and our state is YUGE.

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  6. I read something about this before I got an Email from Phil. There are some
    connections to companies to Canadian, Spain, and Germany. These
    Machines have been used to ensure the communist dictator of Venezuela
    won reelection after his first term was up You can get away with 95-100
    percent of the vote in a totalitarian police state. The one question I had
    trouble with is a military raid on foreign soil.

    The orders had to come from the White House and it had to include
    permission by the government of Germany. If Powell is correct in that
    votes could be dragged and dropped for Biden, that brings up another
    question. If they were yanked out of thin air (or partisan Democrat
    anal orifices,) the number of physical ballots will not match the results.
    This brings up another point. In some of these Democrat governed
    cities, the turnout was unbelievable. 90 plus percent? There are too
    many coinkidinks to count in this obvious fraud! To paraphrase Johnny
    Cochran, If the number of ballots doesn’t match you must acquit.

    One last question. What are the remedies and can they be done in
    the time allotted? A simple count of physical ballots vs the results
    should be easy with an observed machine count.


  7. Let’s hope that this is not the only ace up Trump’s sleeve. The deadline is
    December 12. If he loses, meet your next president, Cameltoe Harris!


    • think theres no need for that reserve ace. the only way out of this stupidity is thru it, to fight thru. thats accomplished by a legion of people who all got the same goal, the objective of kicking ass and winning, and we do that pretty fucking well.
      Remember, we havent yet begun to fight, its been a cake walk for the fuckers, they dint know what a fight is, we been polite, prudent, and tolerant, but a fight they want, they wont leave us alone, and wont back down, our peaceful forms of petition and redress are about to run out of practical use. then after all the nice pleasant non violent forms of resistance no longer work, aftee we have more than stuck to the rules, regardless of the enemy not sticking to any rules, law or any kind of rules, then there are no longer any rules holding us back.
      these rutless people they dont get it they dont grok when they violate our codes how mean us good folks get. we go from the nicest folks to unimaginable mean, want to talk about ruthlessness, we are going to create new levels of ruthless.
      they just could not leave us alone, thats all we wanted all we asked just enough to have a nice life, which cost nobody nothing and we happily paid for.
      but nooooo. that wasnt enough, they want their 30 pieces of silver and extra.
      know what assholes?
      Fuck You.
      In fact because fuck you thats why.

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      • That’s the part where they are really, really fucking up at. It seems these fools would step right on a rattlesnake shaking it’s tail for all it’s worth because they haven’t been bitten yet so it can’t be all that bad.
        It’s going to be so bad that we are going to shock ourselves at the capability for savagery that is going to be unleashed because we have been keeping our anger at just under pop off pressure for decades.


        • I was a junior member of the Maoist Progressive Labor Party at
          age 14. It took me less than a year to realize that the movement
          was populated by raging malignant narcissists and elitists who
          were more racist than the Ku Klux Clan. Let me clue you in,
          I hate politics with a passion. As PJ O’Rouke once said, the
          problem with socialism is that it politicizes everything. If you
          show up late for work in America too many times, you get fired.
          In a socialist country, you get sent to a gulag.

          I became a conservative because I had to. I am not given to
          hysteria or wild ass conspiracies. All is not lost. When the
          time comes and I call Hey Rube, you should grab your shit,
          seek cover and concealment, and high ground. We may be
          able to survive two years of the Cameltoe administration, but
          all bets are off in 2022. That will be the flashpoint!


  8. Today’s bitchfest goes from “Trump won’t leave the WH” story to the lib-tards crying because the GAO will not release any funding for the “president-elect” and his administration to lawfully occupy office space in DC to attend briefings etc. Well, Chinaman Joe isn’t the president yet. Suck it libs.


  9. > he had the NSA targeting

    And the CIA, DIA, FBI, and every agency down to US Coast Guard Intelligence. (yes, it is a thing) Having someone trusted cross-check their reports to look for “information shaping.” And then cross-checked again by his own personal employees, the people who provide and analyze information for his business holdings. There are companies that provide that as a service, but I’d expect he would use his own trusted people.


  10. The hundred head rule needs to apply to this Sidney Powell fighter. You realize she is highly respected and could easily retire and live a happy lazy life of luxury somewhere. You realize she is “all in” here. There is no turning back from her trajectory now. If Trump goes down she goes down with him. She will likely never work again, and may be arrested and “Epsteined” along with Trump and family. She appears to be the most dangerous weapon Trump has at the moment. Sorry, but Rudy comes off as a clown. I suspect Linn Wood is in it for fame and I don’t really trust the guy. (maybe I am wrong). No one else is stepping up to bat. Where are the patriots? This lady is risking her honor, livelihood and likely her life for this cause. Sound familiar? It should, it is what the founders risked for this Republic we are pissing away.

    Find a way to make trouble. Do it till the tide turns or you are removed from the battlefield. Do it for your children and grandchildren. Do it for your sacred honor and duty to those whom preceded you.

    If you think you will just wait and “vote” in 2024 please just go off and die somewhere as you are useless. If they can do what they just did, brazenly, in your face, do you really think they won’t repeat this permanently? If Biden wins this then you have democrat rule forever. There is no way they will give up power since they can obviously manufacture votes in any number needed. And they don’t care. They actually think it is funny. They laugh at your strongly worded letters and signed petitions. They want you dead. Plan accordingly.


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