16 thoughts on “Can I Get A Hell Yeah?!

  1. Personally, I miss the Purple Hornies, they were a wonderful high-flow “muffler”. Outlawed now, but in the 70’s they were fantastic. And expensive.


      • I just looked them up on JEGS and was very surprised. Under $40 for one, with a header flange.
        The last 3 times I have priced regular Glass Packs around here locally they were $75 and up, with no pipes on the ends.
        I used to get them for $19.99 back in the day.


      • Trust me, Drew, the Purple Hornies of today are NOT the ones from the ’70s! Totally different construction. I know from experience.

        We loved them, because combined with headers you got 25 more horses at the top of the power curve simply because the exhaust could BREATHE at high flow/output. Almost no back pressure at high flow.


        • Your ennginaring nomenclature is off egoor, exhaust EXHALES, not breathes, carburetors and throttle bodies inhale, “breathes”, so endth your lesson….


          • Sorry, Oh Great and Noble English teacher, There’s “breathe in” and “breathe out”…Thus endeth my corrective rebuttal.

            Nice try, bud. ;P


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