12 thoughts on “Der Wrenchenweiner

    • LOVE the t-handle ones. The speed wrenches are cool as well.

      I have three tools my Dad used on B-17’s, B-24’s, and B-29’s, one of them (the speed wrench) says “plvmb” on it – never heard of ’em. The other two I forget how they are labeled, but they are definitely from the 30’s! I also have my Grandfather’s woodworking set, brace and bit, old (wooden!) planes, spokeshaves (draw knife) etc. that have to be well over 100 years old.
      No, they’re NOT for sale. They work quite well, thankyouveddymuch. And boy do they hold an edge!!

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  1. egorr,
    My dad bought a set of Plumb tools in 1946 after he got back from Japan. I still use the tools and have bought a few in junk shops: like a set of gear pullers and wrenches. I believe Plumb tools were made in Los Angeles

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