17 thoughts on “You Have My Full Attention

  1. Nah. Put some good pizza sauce on the fries. Complement the flavor of the mini-pizza on top.

    And, yes, I have dipped fries in pasta sauce. It’s surprisingly good. Not so good with alfredo sauce.


  2. Man, that does look rather tasty. I’m chowing down on a DIY version of that right now, a raison bagel with scrambled egg / chopped up sausage link microwaved with standard cheese slice on top.

    Ever tried fries with mustard / mayo mixed in same cup ? Pretty good stuff !


  3. There was a little cafe that opened at 0500 I’d stop at when I did overnight maintenance at the tv tower. A gravy boat with a split biscuit, scrambled eggs on top smootherd in sausage gravy. Oh baby, that was good eats…

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