If You Use Latex Gloves You Had Better Stock Up Now.

Major glove factories close after thousands of workers test positive for COVID-19

BY JOSEPH CHOI – 11/24/20 10:07 AM EST

“To minimise the impact on our customers, we are allocating sales orders to unaffected factories and rescheduling deliveries where possible,” Top Glove Corp of Malaysia said in a statement. According to the company, deliveries could be delayed by up to four weeks and new orders could take even longer.

As Reuters notes in its report, shares of the company have shot up in value this year due to the high demand for personal protective equipment. The company commands a quarter of the global latex glove market.

Top Glove operates 47 factories across Asia, 36 of which produce gloves. It previously had to shut down 16 factories and reduce the capacity of 12 others. In its statement the company did not say how many factories would be affected by the new order.

Top Glove’s production capacity will likely be reduced to 50 percent of what it normally produces, according to Malaysian Industrial Development Finance research analyst Ng Bei Shan.

Malaysia produces nearly two-thirds of all the rubber gloves in the world, according to the Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association. The other two major glove manufacturers, Hartalega Holdings and Supermax Corp, are not believed to have the capacity to make up for the expected delay caused by Top Glove’s shutdowns.

Hospitals, veterinarians, food workers and literally hundreds of other businesses rely on these cheap Personal Protective Devices every day.

If you think The Great Toilet Paper Shortage was a big deal just wait until they can’t get these cheap latex gloves.

I’m telling you, if you know someone that has a small business that relies on these things you need to let them know this is coming.

The one nice thing is that when this gets out and people start hoarding them, they won’t take up near as much space as 18 packs of ass wipe do.

8 thoughts on “If You Use Latex Gloves You Had Better Stock Up Now.

  1. Most hospitals I know of banned latex gloves years ago due to the increase in latex allergies. They’re all nitrile gloves now, and the story isn’t clear if it’s just latex, or if it’s all PPE gloves.
    It’s quite a guessing game right now trying to anticipate what the next panic shortage in the supply chains are going to be. We are stocked well ahead on most consumables in any case.


  2. Toilet paper has one advantage in those big 18 packs however…

    Using the TP math, those 18 rolls = 360 rolls, or some other TP math theory thing the advertising and package printing folks slap on em…


    Until that box of latex gloves says the 50 pairs are actually 150, your better space saving is in the TP.


  3. I wear tight-fitting latex gloves when I go to the grocery store & Wal-Mart. Don’t have to worry about washing hands then.

    Bought another box of 100 about three weeks ago . . . hopefully those are sterile!
    I know, I know—we’ve already had Covid so have immunity.
    But I’m also thinking of strep throat and regular flu.


    • You can develop an latex allergy, which at first is contact dermatitis which could progress to breathing difficulty and then on to anaphylactic reaction or shock which can be deadly if not treated promptly. Wearing sterile gloves especially outside a sterile environment does not protect you from cooties out there. Doubly if you are not trained how to glove and un-glove. You are transferring the cooties to your clothing, the items you buy and eventually when you get home are going to touch and handle them without gloves, bingo, you are contaminated. The only place you are assuaging is your mind, no where else… Don’t be a legend in your own mind.


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