12 thoughts on “Very Interesting

  1. We shall see, We shall see if Trump makes the same choice Caesar had to make and crosses a modern “Rubicon”. And we shall see whether or not he has the loyalty of enough of the right members of .Mil to succeed. Because if he fails hell is coming for America. Even if he is ultimately successful I fear America as it was founded, intended to exist and as we knew it is still going to be through.


  2. Trust the plan.

    I wonder which plan people should trust, this one, or the one with 37,000 sealed indictments that will be served any time now?

    Or is the plan another blow-off valve event whilst the God Emporer bails, never expecting a second term (which would explain All-Tweet-No-Action, especially on the voting shenanigans and immigration), and perhaps never expecting a first term?

    I guess the verdict will be in shortly, and perhaps some will come to the same conclusion as us nutters, tin-foil-hatters, conspiracy researchers or whatever you want to label have known for years and have been saying to heaps of derision and scorn:



  3. Thanks Phil for the post. The video clip is an easy 3+ minutes. The referenced link has been open for me in a tab already, just catching up to read it.
    I always presume that there is much behind the scenes that we may or may not ever see. It is possible that the “Kraken” is like the seventh dragon of Japanese folklore: the one of the nine that is never seen or depicted.


  4. the video made me laugh out loud. Love Wictor. Read the article earlier today and was excited. would love to see Joe and the Ho’s face when Gen. Flynn shows up to brief them!

    P.S. I am smiling like that guy!


  5. Nope… not buying it. I got too much experience with the Intel Squirrels… and this one keeps utilizing “Q” terminology. She also got out as a ‘Commander’ in the Navy, which means she was a Major army wise. Means she didn’t have the chops for Higher Levels. Naval Commanders either get to Captain… up or out is the rule. Not to harsh on it, but my experiences show this’s probably a empty hole…


    • I too Bunk wasn’t overly impressed with her and I share Big’s assessment about Intel weinies. I was an MP and had to work somewhat closely with them at Brigade and Battalion level and like christian’s in action ya checked for your wallet as you turned and walked away.

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  6. All these talking heads are sociopaths. Its all about the money by increasing exposure. Is Hillary still walking free? I will believe it when I see it.


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