10 thoughts on “Subtle

  1. C’mon, all you dirty-minded freaks! It was somebody with a garden full of Zucchini that wanted to foist the overabundance of said veggies on some poor sod.

    We used to do doorbell dashes in the Fall with armloads of “the dreaded Zucchini”, trying desperately to get rid of the !@#$%^&* things because they are worse than Kudzu when it comes to propagation. I tell my daughter each year to only plant ONE hill, and she plants half a dozen. I swear that kid’s not all there…elevator doesn’t go to the top, and all that.


    • Zucchini season was the only time folks in my home town locked their house and car doors…if they didn’t, they’d find paper grocery sacks full of surplus zucchini left there by neighbors trying to get rid of surplus produce!


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