6 thoughts on “This Is Why You Have Never Seen A Whale Riding A Shark

  1. Worked with a bunch of those “wide-body models”. The back door of the place always had a few broken, busted down chairs waiting for housekeeping to haul them away. No matter what industrial strength furniture we got, they’d break them. And those of us of normal physique used to complain about having to perch on one corner of those big butt chairs to work from them.


  2. I had a friend (don’t we all) who only used to date plus sized chicks. Now what his skinny little ass used to do was what he called the “Bronco Buster.” He’d mount up and then lean forward and tell the fortunate young lady that she didn’t f**k as well as her sister and he’d try to hang on for the full 8 seconds. By his reckoning he had about a 46% success rate (he was good at the maths) of making the horn. The young ladies would usually calm down after a while (especially the ones who didn’t have a sister) and they’d try again and again until he got tired of being thrown into the wall (he eventually mounted a mattress to the wall next to his bed).

    Ah good times!



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