After The First One, Mag Dump The Grille

The whole front end on newer cars is made of plastic.

There be some delicate bits behind there and eventually the sumbitch will be immobilized.

Just follow the trail of fluids.

Fish in a barrel at that point.

6 thoughts on “After The First One, Mag Dump The Grille

  1. Guy I used to see outside the DFAC (dining facility) in Baghdad, early 04, had a loaded BMW 7 series… all super-uparmored. Guy looked -exactly- like Dan Fielding from night court…can’t remember the actor’s name… used to be on the cell phone doing BIG things and running BIG programs. As flashy as he was, told my Padna, “That dood ain’t gonna last long being that ‘flash.’

    The hajjis got him on Route Irish mid-summer… Passed his shot-to-shit Beemer and his charred corpse sometime in July… sat there for a spell too as the it was too risky at the time to recover Carcass, Civilian, Dumbfuck, Type One Each, Extra Crispy. Because fuck his dead ass.

    They had shot out the run flats and hammered the engine and drivetrain to dogshit with AKs, then put a shaped charge on the door… then burned his ass up after the fact.
    Via Con Dios Dan Fielding


  2. Unless they proofed the firewall just below the window and above the block you should be able to skip a few rounds into their lower body. They’ll bleed out after a while.
    And the fluid trail should be good as Phil says.


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  4. I saw this when they release the video. Basically, if you had money, they’d make your Mercedes bulletproof without having to use 2″ polycarbonate windows. I think that the guy in the front seat is the company owner. And…you couldn’t pay me enough to let them shoot at me like that.

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