More Like How To Initiate A Thermonuclear Reaction For Dummies

I made the mistake of trying that once and I think I can safely say that I wouldn’t recommend it.

21 thoughts on “More Like How To Initiate A Thermonuclear Reaction For Dummies

  1. On a long drive with a girl, years back, and she started on about something. Got going really good and I finally looked over and told her I’d give her a $100 on the spot if she could just shut up for 5 full minutes. I even set a timer for her. That was a lot of money to both of us at the time. She made it 4 minutes and 30 seconds and then unleashed hell. And the rest of the trip I’m thinking wow, for $100 she couldn’t hold it in another 30 seconds?

    So yeah, shut up is utterly impossible for women.


  2. Bunch of woosies post on your blog Phil, including you. I know how women are best treated, education by a bloke, never failed ne yet! They just have no conception that men always know best, mostly because their mothers have, since time began, indoctrinated their female offspring that they should rule the roost. You really shouldn’t blame them, the brainwashing has worked so well for generations, that simply explaining sheer logic to women is seemingly pointless, There is probably a good reason why I’m single, and I know that women are dying to tell me just why.


  3. Though truth to be told, the ladies that comment on Phil’s blog, they seem a different stripe entirely, no bull. And I wouldn’t dare give any of them any sort of backchat, they’d likely shoot me down in flames, while retaining feminine poise.

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  4. Heh. When my ex and I were arguing I’d sometimes tell her that she’s just like her mother.

    The first few times I did it it just set her off, of course. Then she realized that I was enjoying it. That went over even better. Then it became kind of a “don’t you dare!” sort of thing. I’d say, “You know, …,” and she’s just say, “Don’t.” In the end it was one of those couple’s in jokes for us. Still makes me smile.

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  5. In a situation like that I always ask her “Who lit the string on your tampon?” or advise her that she should put the panty liner sticky side down in future.

    Might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, eh?

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  6. Men are fucked no matter what they do or say. Stare at a woman or leave
    the toilet seat up ten years ago, and she will bitch about it. The question
    “does these jeans make me look fat?” invites an argument. You come home
    from a 16-hour shift and she tells you that she was slaving away at the stove
    or the problems she had with the kids. It doesn’t matter that she did a Peg
    Bundy and watched Oinkra or soap operas most of the day.

    If you want to live, when she tells you about her problems at home or work
    do not give her advice. They are not interested in solutions, they are looking
    for martyrdom. Women have neurosis on top of neurosis. Keep your mouth
    shut and pretend that you are listing to them!


  7. They are formed from a rib so what do you expect. About the worst are ones who have raised a lot of kids. They equate us to 5 year olds so just about nothing you can do it right. And you hear about it non stop


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