It’s All In The Tone And Inflection

When I say it, they know EXACTLY what I mean.

We were taught as children that part of being a man was mastering the art of the Hand shake.

Trust me when I say that I pay attention when I shake hands with a guy who has shiny clean pink palms, no callouses and clean fingernails.

That instantly gets filed away.

18 thoughts on “It’s All In The Tone And Inflection

  1. Yup, and I look for visible scars too. They may mean they fucked up, but they survived and hopefully learned a lesson. I look at eyes too, for they are truly the windows to the soul and most people have one or more of three eyes, dead eyes, eyes caught in the headlights, eyes that have seen everything… And I will not shake a hand that is limp, I will pull it away at the first sign.

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  2. This virus insanity causing so many to shy from shaking hands gets me shaking…with anger. To refuse a handshake was, and is, a supreme insult.

    A handshake IN OUR CULTURE means a lot. Certainly for myself, a handshake means everything; trust, agreement, openness, welcoming, respect. Shake hands, firmly, look ’em in the eye, smile. Yes, there IS a proper way to shake a lady’s hand.

    Worried about germs? Guess what? You’re a pussy. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

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    • “To refuse a handshake was, and is, a supreme insult. ”
      Agreed. Sadly, these days about half the people I am forced to meet, I don’t care if they insult me (consciously or not) because I simply don’t give a fuck what they think.

      About three weeks ago a young man backed his big-ass pickup into my old sedan in a parking lot. Instead of running away as he could have easily done, he came in and had the store manager find me. I go out the parking lot and the damage is minimal (a 6-inch scratch on the plastic of my bumper). Burly young white guy with a firefighter license plate, an NRA sticker on his car, and a facemask making fun of facemasks. He’s offering me his insurance info and apologizing for the trouble.
      “Hell, it’s just a scratch on an old car. Looks like we’re on the same side anyway. How about we shake hands and call it good?”
      And so we did.

      This was in the upper midwest, not Massholia.


  3. Not a 100% tell. Work on hydraulics all day with your hands soaked in oil and you won’t find a callous anywhere. Plenty of little cuts and scars though, most of my fingers are even still straight!

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  4. The callouses have gone, not that they were particularly well formed or dense. The scars and other damage remains.I moved from frontline to supervisory fairly quickly when young, too young in hind sight, and now have skills in dying or defunct fields. I am too old for most employers and too young and fit (HAH!) to be allowed to retire for 15 years at least.I am a young old guy, ignored until the buttons stop working and then what? I get asked to fix (Bandaid patch) the issue, for minimum cost, and am expected to fade away till next time.Welcome to the future!


  5. When entering the US to shear sheep the rumor was that border officials were on the lookout for callouses on our knuckles from the wear and tear of pushing the handpiece (wool cutting machine).
    Had to send all our clothes and gear by mail or leave it all in storage from year to year.
    I worked there every summer for 16 years on a tourist visa and was never hassled. Played rugby with many great people and had a commercial helicopter licence and flew for 12 years.
    9/11 fucked it all up.


  6. Ben C. has it right, not a 100% tell. I make my living with my hands, so I take care of them. Working with machinery, that means being careful where I put them and keeping the hide on and the blood inside. I also tend to wash my hands like a raccoon with Tourettes syndrome. I have friends who have so much metal embedded in their hands(from slivers not removed promptly), the xrays are almost unreadable. That’s not to say I don’t have scars and some other entertaining permanent reminders of juvenile carelessness, I just take pride in still having all my fingers and full function after almost 30 years in the trades. I worked with enough guys over the years who were missing various parts of their anatomy to know I didn’t want to join their club.


  7. Sorry but not everyone who works hard has torn up hands. I bust my ass on a regular basis…..but my hands are in decent shape. Working in health care is HARD PHYSICAL LABOR…yet it doesn’t cause your hands to look old. Your back, your knees, other joints yes, but not the hands.

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    • You types not to worry. A real man would know or soon find out. I don’t stop at a handshake or hands. There are always questions afterward. I also look at a man’s shoes.


  8. apparently being a man is a lost art ( and there are websites to teach you what dad didn’t. then there are those of us who don’t “shive a git”. one of my favorite jobs as a kid was had after the guy told me we aint hiring, i looked him in the eye, thanked him & shook his hand & he told me start in the morning’ at 730.


  9. My hands are baby smooth. Why, I’m the Technical Director of a US based manufacturer. I ask the techs to take care of issues and can tell when the job is FU’d and how to fix it. I’ve taught many rookie engineers how to operate machine tools and weld. I can do this because I asked those who knew in my youth how to do the job so I could be a better engineer. I teach young engineers this lesson all the time. Some learn it, some don’t.



  10. Drove into a MckieD’z one day on the way home from a service call . The guy in the BMW in front of me looked like a young doctor . He smiled at the gal in the window as he took his drink and bag of food and she showed an inch of gums back she smiled so big for him . As I handed her my money she saw my hands all diesel dirt stained and calloused and actually drew back with a look of horror on her pretty little face . My first thought was that the doctor could have just murdered an innocent little baby in its Mothers womb 15 minutes before she showed him her gums . But she liked those pink little manicured hands .


  11. When I meet someone I want to shake a hand (a form of greeting stating you are not holding a weapon to stick in their guts since the beginning of time) that has taken part in building Merka, buildings, lives, businesses, other things that benefit people the world over, not some candy assed wanker that simply basks in the luxury others have created, making fortunes off others hard work, effort, and daring to take a chance……


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