Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Go Old School (Updated for Cederq)

You guys remember Savatage don’tcha?

Sure ya do.

Fer cryin’ out loud, down in the comments Cederq admits he doesn’t know who Savatage is.

“Is this another head banger group that Death and I don’t care for?”

Really dude?

Where the hell were you anyway back in the 80’s?

Let me refresh your Home spun memory.

19 thoughts on “Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Go Old School (Updated for Cederq)

  1. I was fresh out of the Army, going to college and listening to Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, George Hamilton, etc… I wore shit kickers, wore a cowboy hat that would start fights in Albany and Salem… So no, I did not listen to this TYPE of vinyl screeching.

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  2. The only in the hall of the mountain king I was familiar with was done by ELO.
    I just played your version and my dog got up from in front of the wood stove and went to stand by the door. She went outside and probably isn’t coming back.

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        • Or run away.

          The first album I bought was in 77?
          It was Kansas Leftoverture.
          Feature song was carry on wayward son.
          Just from those lyrics and the album cover, mother Deathray tore into my ass for a week of lectures telling me how hell bound I was.

          Had I brought your version into the house….. I’ve no doubt about the exorcism that would have been in my near future. And if that had caused my death, well I certainly deserved it.

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          • Wow. By ’77 I had already been a full blown Metal Head for a few years.
            No offense but I never did really care for Kansas that much. Too light weight and poppish for my taste.
            I have stuff in my record collection that even I won’t listen to unless I am in a certain mood.
            You know, kill anyone within kicking distance kinda moods.
            It was easier back when I was drinking all that whiskey. things were a lot darker peering out from bloodshot eyes.
            I used to get mean.


            • In 77, finally had my own radio and no longer had to listen to the best of bluegrass…and…I discovered DEVO, and its been all downhill from there. I did, however, see Metallica on three consecutive weekends 30 years ago.


    • Now that I would have never, ever thought that egorr would have been a Death Head! That is so bizarre! Oh man, I know it is Armageddon that we face…


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