I Can’t Stop Myself!

Heh, I was out in the Temple of Tools a bit ago doing the usual moving shit around searching for the tiniest glimpse of concrete to put something else on when the Wifely Unit yanked the door open and extended a long thin package at me, along with “That Look”.

“For Me?” I says.

“Isn’t it always?”

“Not always honey”.

But yes, she’s right, it’s normally for me.

So I snagged it out of her hands and took a quick look at it.

Fred Who?

The name of the sender didn’t ring any bells.

Whoever it was wrapped the shit out of whatever it was that was inside but after a minute of wrangling I finally got it out.

“Oh yeah, I forgot all about this”.

Yet another moment of weakness while on Ebay had come home to roost.

Thankfully the damage wasn’t too bad. $8 and $5 or 6 for shipping.

What now you may well ask?

Why another Wall Hanger of course!

Not just any antique threader either.

The seller claimed it was a Finchum Organ Builders small tube threading die from the late 1860’s.

From when they built Pipe Organs by hand.

Pretty unique piece if true.

Either way it’s older than hell obviously but still in decent shape, the handle even unthreaded easily by hand.

So into the bath it went and by tomorrow it should be a pretty easy task of polishing the thing up.

Looks like I still have room for at least one more gallon of Evap-O-Rust.

While I had the bucket open I dropped the 5 inch chuck off of the Smithy in there to marinate for a while too.

It’s pretty rusty and manually getting some of it off out of the crevices was going to be near impossible anyway.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love that stuff?

43 thoughts on “I Can’t Stop Myself!

  1. Fucking Eh! You scored Bigley! My Gramps had some of those, was an old school Tool and Die Maker. I wished I had lived back in Michigan so I could have inherited some of his tools, but my cuz’s got the primo stuff and they would not share, the fuckers. Wife’s give those looks, fortunately husbands forget about them as soon as they turn around…


      • yeah was gonna ask you the same thing. works well huh?
        Have a bunch of yard sale and junk shop tools and farm implements could use a bath, clean those up nice be awesome, give them a nice coat of paint.

        Man, a modern Starret die wrench that size goes for about $350, i have a Starret tap wrench for over .500 inch taps, its got 13 inche handles, new it was $265. You need American made if you want to cut a even straight thread, they work, dont go loose constantly, really makes a big diference in how nice a thread you get.

        Made a set in vo-tech in highschool, for smaller taps and dies, it was the first thing they had is do after b/p reading class, a small die makers vice, brass drift hammer, and sets of chisels and punches, too. Use them still.

        Had a great weld shop teacher, first project we did was a spiral stair case. years later in a small custom fab shop was working at the owner got a contract to build wrap around stair cases for stant towers, ended up building them because what my shop teacher taught us, it was really cool getting to use what i was taught all those years later. had to fab a trammel for soap stones for a 40 ft radius, with a accurate center pivot, could have used a string, but if it stretched too much and the stairs didnt fit be a real bitch because it was so high up, we used a crane to mount those babies, no way to field build it to the tank. Used plump bobs and embed plates anchored in the aphalt out in the parking lot, and steel pipe cut in graduated lengths to simulate mount points.
        They was stairways to nowhere when completed. The compound curve flat bar handrails we bent in a big old chicago press brake in a smile then tacked them to the ballisters to get the compound. they bolted to thread plates built in the tank wall. worked like a charm.
        The original Cad Cam, think it was release -00 back in those days. Shit tape NC was the hot set up back then.
        Christ we are old fuckers. Engineers still used slide rules.
        Blows my mind they put men on the moon using them. Some of those guys where crazy fast with them, i bet the real pros could beat a Cad assisted manufacturing engineer today with a slide rule. Still got mine from vo-tech, truly sucked at it because of deslexia. They are pieces of industrial art work.
        Remember all the types they used? The old movies of NACA and NASA you se those wiz kids running them.

        Shit they built the SR71 with slide rules, nobody has managed to build a working airbreather faster with all the computer power and hi tech materels science, they have now.

        Still lay out sheetmetal using trammel, compass and rule for cones and OG’s, Sq to Rd’s offsets and reducers. And still use my vo-tech back set and radius take up chart our shop teacher had us create.

        I was the first one in the whole world who built motorcycle race chasis and swing arms using Titanium alloy tubing. Did the first one from scratch in 5 days, everyone said it couldnt be done. Yeah, ok. A whole chassis, with seat frame and swingsrm, ready to bolt on your engine wheels and suspension, weighed 14lbs for the frame assembly and 7lbs for the swingarm. Nobody could figure out how I machined and coped out the rubing and connector pieces. Did it all with a grinder, a portable mileaukee band saw i turned into a verticle dtationanry saw, a 12 inch platen grinder, a old J Head Bridgeport, and. Grizzly handscrew lathe. and a Miller 250 syncrowave. even made my own diffuser cups using 2 inch clrar pyrex glass tubing cut to length and fit to my own brass difuser screen electrode body, so there would be enough argon has lens coverage, and be able to look thru the glass to see the weld puddle.
        All old school way of metal fab.
        Old ways are sometimes the best ways.

        Bet Im not telling you anything Phil. Like tricks how you get blind bearing race out, or fit a shaft, or make a tricky custom tool or jig for some special machine you need to R&R.

        Like you said last week about the youngin’s, hopefully when it gets sporty, they get it us old fuckers still got a couple tricks good to know.

        Thats why real wiminns who know, prefer us mature gents when it comes to getting some real good lovin. 🙂

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  2. Hey Phil, the Temple of Tools might best be renamed as the Reliquary of Rust! That is, unless you get a 200L drum of that rust remover and heaps of inhibitor for protection.

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    • Johno, man, ya gotta use gallons 200L equals 52.53457 Imperial Gallons, they don’t sell that small, it has to be 55 gals, that is our standard barrel size here, that and 30 gals (113.562L) or 5 gals (18.927L) Get with the program dude! Gallons/feet/inches got us to the moon…

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  3. So you really are one of those crazy moon mission believers? No wonder that you lose 10mm sockets, you have to ‘get’ the metric system for them to want to stay with you. You have to call them 55 gallon drums to make them sound worthwhile. We used to use 44 Imperial gallon ones, before the Labor Party imposed the metric measurement system in Australia back in ’72.

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    • I stand corrected, I said Imperial gallons before, I meant to say US gallon, an Imperial gallon equals one point two US gallons. Sorry about my British Imperial ignorance…

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  4. Phil, if your readers buy enough Evaporust, maybe you can put the bite on the company to deliver a free drum to the Temple? If that tactic works, you should hit up Snap-On Tools as well. If enough people feel bad for him, they could send in surplus 10mm sockets for Cederq, they must be somewhere. Maybe somebody can send Deathray some dog treats so his poor bitch will return to the cabin? You ought to send him some doggie ear-plugs at least.

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  5. So Cederq, I take it that back in 1776 Ol’ George had such a hate on for the Pommies (don’t we all?*), that apart from directing that every third word in English be misspelled, he played with volume measurements too? *The other countries of the Albion Isles, and all former British colonies hate the English, with two exceptions: Canadians and New Zealanders. Canucks still suck-up to Lizzie Windsor, the only country they detest is their southern neighbour. The Kiwis really want to be a part of the ‘old country’, England, the only country they hate is their western neighbour!

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      • or nancy palsi hate for us domestic terrorist MAGA’s.
        Thats a special hate.
        She’s really gonna hate us after we win because that swamps gonna get drain one way or another and the rest of her shitstains friends like the turds they are float down the Potamac out the Chesepeak to feed the fishes.


  6. Cederq, are you and Mr egorr both using the same Harbour Freight metric/inch size chart? ‘Cos 5.8 centimetres is >not< 2 inches, closer to 2.28", you both meant 5.08cm! I'd despair of treatment by you in your nursie days, you didn't inject any patients after misreading a decimal place, did you? You'd have had two stiff legs if you self-injected with a stiffie-enhancer syringe!


  7. I’ve got a clean one of these. Different make and model. There are four dies on this “No. 53” made by Holroyd & Co of Waterford N.Y. All dies are stamped “27” across the top, and “16” “20” “24” and “32”.

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