The Level Of Denial I Am Seeing Already In This Country Is Mind Boggling

I’m sitting here sipping some coffee, catching up on Emails, comments and such like that.

Skimming the news etc.

I see Hank Aaron died.

That’s a shame. I remember the day he hit #715.

At the same time, the Wifely Unit has that fucking Idiot Box on.

The second she gets up she turns that damn thing on and it stays on until after Midnight, every fucking day.

It drives me straight up the wall, hence the headphones and the garage.

I do my damndest to tune that damn thing out but inevitably I will glance up and catch something, it’s hard to avoid as it’s a Big Screen and directly in front of me about six feet away.

So while she was in the kitchen there was some fucking Talk Show or Wannabe News thing on there and this middle aged Blonde talking head going on about some useless shit when she starts spouting off something about “President Biden”

Umm, yeah.


Big Time.

She is flat out gushing about the brain dead, kiddie diddling, ChiCom installed, Phony POTUS.

It amazed me.

So what I am seeing here is some paid MSM whore, shilling her ass off, trying to get the rest of the brain dead Americans who bother to tune into that horse shit to completely accept this jacked up election and normalize Biden The Usurper as being POTUS and everything is going to be just hunky dory.

Like I didn’t see with my own two lying eyes, that election get rigged IN REAL TIME, right in front of my face?

That it’s just business as usual and everything is going to be wonderful now that this coup has come to fruition?

Might as well just come out and say to everyone, “put your heads back down and get back to grazing you stupid sheep”.

It boggles my fucking mind!

So now I also see that this derelict of a puppet is going hard after “Domestic Terrorists”, White Wing Supremacists being very high on that list of imaginary Boogymen.

That would be SJW code for anyone lighter than the shade of Latte they love so dearly.

Ie; you and me.

Because they are wanting to get out in front in a hurry trying to neutralize us.

Just declare anyone who disagrees with their upcoming Progroms to be a Domestic Enemy, just like that shriveled up old cunt Nancy Pelosi already did.

If you can’t see what is directly in front of your face at this point then you too, need to just put your head back down and get back to grazing.

The only reason race even enters into the equation is because they want it to, by design.

The Othering continues at Full Throttle.

35 thoughts on “The Level Of Denial I Am Seeing Already In This Country Is Mind Boggling

  1. The ministry of propaganda is in high gear trying to install the notion of Biden being dynamic and solving problems that only a liberal democrat could. Reminds me of some dystopic movie about a future under a socialist tyrant…oh wait…we have that already……Just like Nazi Germany in 1938.’

    What really bothers me is why does your wifely unit watch that crap? I am sure you have been asked that before.

    As far as the future goes, I am reassured by the reality that private conservative patriots have trillions of rounds……and also know how to best use them. I highly doubt we will surrender them without using them first.

    Drones will drop like flies either in a conflict or by starvation when the real purge happens after the ‘pretend one’ that the left has planned. Let them think they can control us.

    I will add, I do not advocate violence nor would I want to see any but, the future is not solely up to me or anyone I know. The opposition also has a say…..


  2. You got it backwards. Since the post-Civil War Ku Klux Klan to today’s Coup Klux Klan (3%, Oath Keepers, Proud and Boogaloo Boys, etc.) most terrorism in the US has been right-wing or white-wing. Left-wing terrorists did a little more damage for a few years in the 60’s and 70’s. Muslim terrorists had a higher death toll in one year – 2001. Otherwise your fellow travelers are the leading cause of terrorism in the US, hands down. Quit eating paint chips.


    • So you are trying to tell me that all of the rioting, burning, looting and violence I watched all Summer long over in Portland and other Democrat run cities was us white Right Wingers eh?
      You need to set the Kool Aid down son, you’ve had enough.


      • The white terrorist in the El Paso Wal-Mart killed more people than died in all of the riots. And the mass killings by your boys in the San Diego and Pittsburgh synagogues pushed the death toll way up there. And the Nashville bomber. . The riots may have incurred a little more property damage but your guys killed way more people, including cops. No cop death has been attributed to BLM or the mythical Antifa. I suggest you use your mechanical skills to restore a version of the short bus you rode to school as a child.


        • I suggest that you tell your handler to start sending the A team if you are going to be coming around here with your weak shit. You are so far out of your league here that you can’t even see the bleachers.


          • Out of my league? What league is that? The Coup Klux Klan Fantasy League?

            My facts are correct; Last summer there were thousands of protests with millions of people and only a handful ended in riots. Yet one white nationalist in one Wal-Mart killed more people than died in all of the protests combined. And that was just one of a number of white nationalist mass shootings. Kudos for being efficient killers. Sorry if this hurts your white snowflake sensibilities but white nationalism is the biggest terrorist threat to this country and has been for a long time.

            Don’t forget to read the Turner Diaries and pray to Timothy McVeigh, patron saint of white nationalists everywhere.


        • I think the Q in Qurious stands for queer curious. Boy you have the wrong blog hear buttercup. I definitely smell a soros/biden concern troll amoungst us gentle folk…


    • Wrong. Most of the terrorism in the US of A has been of the left-wing variety.

      The Grangers? Leftists. Tore up rail lines, burned businesses, attacked ranchers.

      The whole civil war thingy and most of the terrorism before it, leftists…

      Every assassin or would-be assassin, leftists.

      Bombers? Leftists.

      Kidnappers? Leftists.

      Etc, etc, etc…

      And the Proud Boys? What acts of terrorism have they done? Don’t say Charlottesville, the damage cause was by Leftists. Even the woman who died of a heart attack that got blamed on a rightwinger. She and her herd of leftists were attacking the rightwinger’s car.

      Same with the Boogaloo Boys. And the III%ers. All have done.. nothing. Not a drop of terrorism.

      Now, look at BLM and (p)Antifa. Leftists.

      The Communist Party was rather… kinetic back in the 20’s and 30’s. So was the American Nazi Party. Leftists all.

      The Students for a Democratic Society? Those were paid shills of the KGB (suspected for a long time, but proven after the fall of the CCCP.) Same with the Kent State incident, sparked off by leftists.

      And as to other left-wing or democratic violence, let me point you to just about every friggin strike by organized labor. Want to see the result? Look who makes your clothes, or your bedding. No more ‘textile workers union’ or ‘garment workers union’ for you to look for the union label, no?

      Durrr, right-wing violence is so very bad here in the US of A. We have to worry soooo much about right-wing violence.

      Geez, even during the big militia movements in the late 70s and late 80’s and 90’s, actual right wing violence was far below left wing violence.

      If right-wing violence existed, bodies at the southern border would be stacked up like bodies in the movie “300.” Same with homeless. There would be no homeless. Same with drug dealers, no more drug dealers, or users, or street people, or scuzzy prostitutes. They’d all be dead. Roving bands of Church Police cracking sculls and burning ‘dens of iniquity’ all over.

      But that didn’t happen… yet.

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  3. Everyone I know has been buying case lots while it was dirt cheap and any of us in my hood could make several million profit were we to sell our stash . But we hill folk don’t sell . We only buy . Next door neighbor busted about 200 rounds of .45 after he got home from the big city . I was tapping my toes to the beat while splitting firewood . It was a soothing sound .


  4. The Q dude is a shitbird troll!!!
    Ignore his dumb ass.

    Anyway welcome to the new normal.
    Yeah okay.

    In regards to the I.E.: you/me, leave me out of that bull.
    I’m hiding in a cave and hope they forget about me.
    Wishful thinking I know. Just coming here puts me on a kill list.

    Good luck brothers.


  5. The left has created a boogie man that no longer exists. By all
    accounts, if you rounded up every neo-Nazi, skinhead and white
    “supremacist,” you couldn’t fill up more than a few NFL stadiums.
    The last time I can remember a news story about them happened
    more than 30 years ago. A group of klansmen holding a rally where
    they were confronted by a group of neo-communists (both sides
    armed) and the commies fired the first shot.

    There was another case where a neo-Nazi murdered a Jewish radio
    talk show host. The only group that has been consistently violent
    is the radical left. After their heyday in the 1920s, the Klan was reduced
    to a tiny fringe group by the early 1980s. The only references to right
    wing violence in modern times has come from the left every time
    there has been a mass casualty shooting. When Gabby Giffords
    was shot, the local news reported the story straight up. When
    the wire service story chimed in 5 minutes later, they speculated
    that the shooter was a right wing extremist.

    It was later revealed that he was a typical psychopath and his two
    favorite books were the Communist Manifesto and Hitlers Mein
    Kempf, meaning he was a leftist. My first rule of news stories
    is to wait a few days or weeks to get the real story, especially
    in white on black officer involved shootings where the suspect
    was reported to be unarmed. The are invariably armed or
    violently resisting arrest.

    If the left is going so far as to label all conservatives, cops, and armed
    forces extremists, we will this war in a heartbeat!

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  6. I have an idea. Let’s recruit former leftists, political neutrals, and the
    elderly to spy on Screwtube, Fakebook, and Twatter. They give BLM,
    Pantyfa and other leftists a pass on their sites. The elderly mainly
    post pet photos and keep in touch with family members. Instead
    of sharing posted materials, they should D/L images an copy
    text for distribution on conservative Blogs. Hundreds of leftist
    attending riots have been identified on social media sites.

    We could compile enemies lists and our own FBI like most wanted
    list. We don’t have to be Tsun Tsu to understand that the best way
    to go is to use their own tactics against them. Knowing who they
    are and where the live is a tactical advantage!

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  7. That talking head wouldn’t have happened to have been Dr. Sarah Kendzior, would it? The one with the badly-plucked eyebrows who went around on TV for four years (whenever they would actually let her on; the competition for climbing onto the Money Train is fierce) saying, “I am an expert in authoritarianism, and I’m telling you, Trump is the mostest evilest authoritarian EVER! I’m taking my kids on a tour around the country just so they can see and remember how good things were, before Trump enslaved us all!”

    Well, she was wrong about that, and maybe I’m wrong, too, and she wasn’t that particular talking head your wife was watching. But still, she is very high on my s*** list, which is getting to be so long that it almost needs a waiting list.

    Say “Hi!” to Cederq for me; I’m too busy doing the Lord’s work to be posting on my own blog. And keep your head on straight, Phil–it’s a good one.

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  8. Hah Hah…right wing extremists! (wipes laughter tear from eye.). That my friends is some high octane gaslighting. This is why I stopped watching this kind of media years ago. Every time you hear it you have to think – are they really this stupid, or are they doing it on purpose?

    The answer is both.

    I feel for you, Phil. I know more than a few that stay tuned to the idiot box all day. Can’t see the forest for the trees.

    On a more serious note, to our friend Qurious above:

    The FICUS (fraud in chief of the US) and his admin are going full retard. They are doing what commies do when they get behind the wheel – running down all opposition. But they will also take out the useful idiots, like Qurious. They don’t need them any more, and don’t want anyone else to use them either. It’s coming my friend, and that’s the one thing that puts a smile on my face.
    There’ll be many long faces when reality sets in.

    And far as right wing violence? You haven’t seen it yet. You’ll know it when you see it.

    Us right wingers don’t riot and burn stuff. We don’t take out buildings or aircraft. We simply get together in groups, and take out the problems one by one. Stop thinking Portland, and start thinking Belfast, or Sopranos. Or Don Corleone.

    When this thing ignites, there won’t be drama. There won’t be chest thumping.

    There’s an ending line of a Buddhist saying I love. I can’t quote the whole thing but it ends with “…whatever, there are consequences. No one is exempt”.

    No one is exempt.


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