11 thoughts on “There’s One I Never Did

    • Beat me to it, Phil.

      Being an automation engineer, among other things, I know the equipment has NO way of sensing millennials doing stoopid things while performing its operations.

      If you try to make something foolproof, The Universe will just come up with bigger fools. Bet on it.


  1. When I was about 16, my mom used the term whore’s
    bath. I asked her what that meant. She responded by
    making gestures. She used her right to simulate
    washing her left armpit and her left hand to do the
    same thing on her right armpit. When she did the
    same thing in the crotch area, I nearly pissed my pants
    laughing. She was a great mother but at times she
    could be as gritty as Betty White on a three day bender!


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