Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Just to prove that it is actually there, here is picture proof that there is still some concrete out there in The Temple of Tools.

You see that cheap Harbor Freight Wood Workers bench sitting in the back of the Caballero?

I am fixin’ to haul that off over to my Sister In Law’s place.

She is into wood working now and has already made some pretty damn nice tables.

She seems to have a natural talent for it and I am tickled pink to be able to help her out. That bench was basically a Catch All and it was amazing just how much room it was taking up for only being 20 inches wide and 60 inches long.

Pretty much all that empty space you see there after I unloaded a bunch of crap because I had to have room to get all the way around it too.

Of course now I have huge piles of crap laying around that I had to stack up to get that huge green drawer set up I had sitting there out of the way so I could get the bench out and then get the big chest back in.

It will give me a damn good reason to go through a bunch of shit.

I think I am going to need another metal cabinet with a couple shelves in it.

I have a bunch of tools that are in those blown plastic cases that will stack right in one and get them going vertical instead of horizontal.

I am wanting some room to put both lathes out there in the middle and still have room to get around and use them.

I am probably going to need another very small roll away bottom cabinet or something to stick my Kennedy boxes on to get them up off the floor.

I dunno, I’ll come up with something but the push to get more room out there has started in earnest.

Things are going to start going out before anything else comes back in.

14 thoughts on “Now You See It, Now You Don’t

  1. Do you ever think of getting out of the city and getting a place with a nice big heated shop and set yourself up in a cash business fixing stuff for people? As sharp as you are I can’t believe that you couldn’t do well. Being a farmer. retired, I couldn’t help but think you would have huge amounts of work from that sector as well as logging and independent trucking and construction. Those guys are seriously hurting for competent contract help.—ken.

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    • Sir, I would give my right nut to get out of here and someplace truly rural and with like minded individuals all around me.
      Unfortunately The Wifely Unit flat out refuses to go anywhere, even the next damn county.
      Because we have our oldest son who is very autistic, she took the training and got her license to be a certified care giver.
      The state actually pays her a little bit to take care of him because they realize that it’s way cheaper in the long run compared to have to pay other people to come and go to do it instead.
      That license is only good in the state of Washington and because he is also on SSI, there is a requirement for him to work at some kind of menial job for just a couple of hours every week. Those kinds of jobs are not easy to find so sticking around here is pretty much all I can do.
      Otherwise I would have already been long, long, gone out of here.

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  2. Way to go, Phil! I just went through some of that in the downstairs Electronics Shop. Had FIVE projects going on the main bench, and when my Sweet Little Wife asked me to fix something, I didn’t have any room!

    Spent two days boxing up all those little shit projects, fixed the thing she wanted fixed, and then jumped back in to the radio stuff since I (almost) can’t stand seeing an empty bench.

    And in the process of rebuilding the current crop of Heathkits, I went searching through all my electronics parts, and wound up spending yesterday afternoon and evening sorting out all kinds of resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes, hardware, blah, blah, blah.

    As usual, I couldn’t find the damn things I was looking for, but found (and sorted) enough other stuff to empty and toss five empty cardboard boxes.

    And finally, three years after we moved here, I have all my tubes sorted!

    Too bad you don’t live closer, or I’d make you an offer on the Sprite…..

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    • Good on ya!
      You have skills I would love to have my friend. To each their own and as God provides I guess.
      It’s kind of amazing what you will find years after a move in boxes that were stuffed away isn’t it?


    • That’s why I want to go vertical with a bunch of this stuff. That work bench had crap all over the top of it and the shelf underneath was packed so tight that I had to wrestle the first box out.


  3. O/T Phil, but here is something I found on that is gonna piss you off…

    152. H.Res.51 — 117th Congress (2021-2022) Expressing deep gratitude on behalf of the people of the United States to the journalists and news staff who risked threats of injury and death to chronicle the horrendous details of the insurrection on January 6, 2021. Sponsor: Rep. Bustos, Cheri [D-IL-17] (Introduced 01/19/2021) Cosponsors: (45) Committees: House – Judiciary Latest Action: House – 01/19/2021 Referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary. (All Actions)


  4. Hey Phil, if you are looking for storage at a decent price and are willing to deal with Sams Club, the seville classics storage cabinets are a great buy. I have 3 of the 18 x 36 x 72 ones on wheels and am super happy with them. It’s not a stanley/ vidmar or a lista, but you won’t get into one of those for $199.98 either. You can even sneak in a plywood bonus shelf on the upper half and lower half bolting joint and have 4 shelves instead of the 3 adjustable ones that come with it.


  5. I found a great quote by Kate McMullen, the Blogsterist in Canada:

    “It went from flatten the curve to rounding up the Jews so fast we
    didn,t even notice.”


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