42 thoughts on “A Whole Lotta Assholes Just Snapped Shut

    • Ok, more research tells me this announcement may not be kosher. I still like the idea of a different party. After watching impeachment bull crap today, I’m done with voting for any Dem or Republican candidate for anything but a jail cell.
      Not really sure votes will be worth much going forward. Pray for our nation.

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  1. Again,,, with Retired cop, but, I do Due-Diligence. Who are the principal office holders? Has Trump declared his candidacy? Not enough info and why in Georgia, why not Florida, which seems to be his residence?

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    • This country is not about trump – a new party is not about trump – it is not the united states of trump. there are many many great men in this country. a small percentage are getting off of their azs and actually doing something beside complain and demanding that others do more – there is web site for this movement – at least type it in on your own –

      PS tweekter, fazebuk and amuzoon are all enemies of the people – election fraud, censorship. Global manipulation, Facts – any website that has a bluebird or f symbols or the “A” affiliate link are collecting data and funding the enslavement of this country. They are collaborators straight up. look at the bottom of the comment box here. Each click is a bread crumb………


  2. I ducked Fu the organization, it doesn’t say much about itself and where it is located or it’s principal officers and where it is located. The web page once you click on it’s different pages don’t look very organized or in a coherent form. Buyer Beware!


  3. Duh Fuq, boys & girls. If the demoncraps can steal the vote like they just did…
    Ya think a new political party is gonna make a fuggin difference?


  4. Love the Idea, going to watch it closely for now.

    On a list? I have an honorable discharge, and I was an FFL for near 20 years. The line starts back there. If TPTB come for me, either they bring enough firepower, or they don’t.

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  5. I have tried to get myself on every list I could find for the last 16 years now. BUT, if you did a bit of research before donating the Trump’s Presidential campaign you would have found what I did. The money did not got to the President, it went to the rnc. I am gonna want to see a whole lot more info before I give up any money.

    But yes, knowing that quite a few republicans are clinching the nether regions tight in fear of losing dollars is quite a pleasant thought for the evening.


  6. If true who is going to keep the dems from trucking in millions of ballots again.. Seeing republicans off the dole would have some satisfaction to it though starting with mitch mcchuckles.


    • Last I heard, Trump isn’t part of this. My guess is scam artist grifters looking to make money selling the name or pocketing donations. Let’s wait and see.
      Frankly, since they pulled off the election coup there’s no reason to think there will ever be an honest election again.

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  7. Remember, dont vote these assholes in because “no one else is running”. Many of you jacked up to begin with. Ask Oven Mitt and ethically challenged John. (

    Republicans forgot that they wanted them as president a few decades ago). Just because someone makes a good commercial and puts little letters behind their names does not make one great.


  8. Some of the mucky mucks in the GOP are probably unhappy. This would pose a threat to their gravy train. The commie demonrats REALLY couldn’t give a rats ass. The now OWN the mechanism to decide FOREVER who wins an election and who doesn’t….and their VERY FIRST FORMAL BILL introduced will solidify that hold on power FOREVER. So it doesn’t matter who forms what party under what name. Any candidate who isn’t 100% approved by the commie left has ZERO chance of winning an election now. We will NEVER have a fair and honest election in America again as long as the criminals now in power are allowed to survive.


  9. A fruitless endeavor. The same people will be counting the votes using the same equipment, protocol and ethics. Appears to be a modification on the “Go Fund Me” model.


  10. Normally, a thirty party is a kiss of death, they siphon off votes from
    one party or the other. That is what gave us two terms with Blow
    Job Billy. Trump is different, he is populist movement. His followers
    are very loyal. When Twatter dumped him, he had 75 million
    followers which is identical to the number that voted for him
    in November.

    He has already floated the idea of starting up his own social
    media site. He has the money to to do it in a way to bypass
    the tech giants. Even if he doesn’t run again, he can act
    as king maker like Sarah Palin. After John McSfain lost
    every conservative and TEA party candidate she endorsed
    in the next 3 election cycles won.

    If this is th real deal, I’ll change my party registration.

    PS. I get the new puter on the 27th. I accidently fucked up
    but it worked to my advantage. In an attempt to st up my
    large tablet for online purchases, I ran afoul of Der Google.
    They interpreted it as a hack attempt. Gmail and Google
    Maps got yanked. Goggle can no longer track myevery
    movement via my smart phone.

    I am following Phil’s lead and going Proton Email. To prevent
    losing all my shit again, I will be using drive cloning S/w that
    can do automatic schedules backups. Everything I do
    going forward will be about keeping the prying eyes of
    the tech giants away from me and my data.


  11. Phil, what is this ‘suspected subversive’ business? That is running close to an insult. I’d expect all your readers to be on the confirmed list, including smartarses like Mike and Llort!


  12. What do Harry Browne, Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders have in common?

    All ran for president and were totally hosed by the bureaucracy that is the two-party-system.

    Waaaay before mail in voting, suitcases and on the fly programmable vote counting machines.


  13. Michael Joseph Gaul brings up some guy with german connections. since it no long matters vote straight democrat in 2 years if we are still here and kick the rino’s to the street.

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  14. Shit, we all been on a list of some kind or another for at least the last 40 fukin years, (name one aspect of our lives that aren’t controlled or regulated by some corrupt goobermint agency) we ain’t getting out of this shit show by voting. The erected or-fikals running this Barnum & Bailey wanna be saw to that for the next few generations, and that goes clear through the supremes, the legislature of many states, their court system as well as the entire feral justice system, each and every one of the cockbites failing to follow the law and violating their oath of office, not that it means a fukin thing to em.
    And the speed at which his high ass bejing fraud in charge and kneepads are going at it, I’m expecting the entire charade to implode with gusto by years end. With the rest of the world to follow within a few months after that…. Ain’t no party going to rush in and rescue this gobbered up circus, it’s so far corrupted with inbred bacteria brained asshat wankers it’s impossible to salvage. The only party gonna save it is the Rule 308 pahtee. That’s after the economy returns to “A World Made By Hand”. If any of you fine folks here have read the series, reading between the lines, it’s basically a fictitious account of rebuilding a society. Plan accordingly…..

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  15. Excellent.
    To hell with the Re-Pubes.
    Never again.
    You did this to yourselves, your party and US.
    The last being the most important.

    Rot in Hell


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