Going All Out And Doing It Right

Let me start this out by making it clear that there is absolutely no way that I have the patience for something like this, nor do I see the need for it in the larger scheme of things but if you want to see what it takes to really take something smallish and refurbish it, this is your video instructional.

There are hundreds of videos out there like this and some of the results are astonishing.

This is a small project but it will give you a good idea of just how anal retentive you gotta be to get top notch results.

11 thoughts on “Going All Out And Doing It Right

  1. Zooie! I restore hand tools and small electric tools, but not to that level. Now if that was an old Snap-On or Mac, or even Klein, I could see doing that, but a Proto? I restore to functionality and some cosmetic restoration, again to functionality. That is taking it to some bizarro level of OCD and retentiveness.

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  2. I’ve seen quite a few of those vids. Like you, I think he goes over the top on some especially when he removes evidence of sand casting. That’s revising history and the intent of the manufacturer. I’ve also seen him (or someone like him) actually do what I would consider damage in his need to make jewelry. Otoh, it’s saving old stuff that most people would throw in the trash.


  3. When I worked at the metal shop I rehabbed all types of stuff, tools, cast iron cookware
    a few pairs of valve covers and some other parts for friend. 3% acid solution tank with ultra-sonics. Would you call it cheating? Absolutely.


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