10 thoughts on “I Think It Might Be Heavy

  1. My dad an I did a job at a ceramics plant. We
    delivered a new 25 HP compressor on a 200
    gallon tank. The load was too heavy for
    their forklift. They hung 5 Mexicans on the ass end of th forklift. My dad said, Gonzelez

    It was an old joke. A Texas oil tychoon had
    an oil well fire. He called Red Adair who told
    him he was backed up for 6 months and the.
    price would be 1 million dollars. The tycoon
    grabbed the Wellow Pages and found
    Golalez Firefighters, oil well fires our
    specialty. He makes the call and finds out
    they can be there in a half and the price
    was one hundred thousand dollars.

    Typhoon says come on down. A half hour
    later he sees a stake bed truck barreling
    down a hill and comes to a stop in the
    middle of the fire. The Mexicans bail out
    and start beating the fire down with
    scrapes and Sombrero. An hour later, the
    fire was out. The tycoon told Gonzelez his
    boys sure earned their pay. He asked what.
    he was going to do with all that money.

    Well Senior, the first thing I am going to
    do is get the brakes fixed on me fuckibg truck!

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  2. No doubt on the heavy end of the scale but those loaders, and the excavator, don’t really have all that much lifting capacity, only in the single digit thousands of lbs., designed primarily for moving mass quantities of material fast.
    Loaded off the docks in shit-attle-istan years ago a 3200 Hitachi House – that’s the excavator without tracks, carbody (part the house rotates on and tracks are attached to) boom, stick or bucket. The bucket (for shovel configuration) weighs in at 45,000 lbs. Don’t remember what the house weighed but required 2 – 60,000 lb forklifts to load, one each side. All went well till one of the forks at the elbow let go, broke clean and a crashing down it came. That was fun…


  3. Done that same thing in surface coal mines. If it’s a real dandy, you call a D11 down off pushing shot rock, and he pushes with his blade while the loaders lift the rock enough so it down dig in and snag up.
    Its like an exponential increase in how much those biggin’s weight when they get that size, not much larger in relative terms, they are too heavy to budge, even for walking couple feet at a time by pushing on a corner, the powder guys will have to punch a hole in it and shoot it. Sometimes you simply let it be, if its on a pad where the coal rib has been chopped out. It gets covered in any case as the spread moves along, back filling.
    Its a great show, and everything stops, radio chatter is LYFAO running commentary, fun had by all, and break from the high production monotony of loading and carting off the overburden.

    Some when they shoot a new break, shots rocks that size will become flyers, its like watching B grade Godzilla movie special effects, they seem to move in slo-mo paper mache animation, bouncing off shit, and you try to imagine the massive energy that rock has as it smacks into shit and tumbles along.

    Was on a Highwall miner, we where punching away around on a bench on a mountain following a couple coal seams, all we could figure there was a massive “mud seam” or we just cut too many thousand foot holes into it, the mountain dropped on us.
    It is really this slo-mo process, but when it starts they get on the radio and scream drop everything now. Run, leave everything where its at, run! At first your like Huh? Then your mind starts to wrap around what your seeing.
    As the mountain drops big sections separate, falling outwards and over, massive slabs crushing everything. I never seen anything like it. Hobbedinggotteramarmegeddonrognorak is only way to describe it. $100 million in equipment smooshed to total destruction before your eyes. They leave it most of the time, don’t even go in to inspect, its too unstable, put up a safety berm, and work on around it. It turns into this boneyard of rusty red dinosaurs you ride by everyday, the bus your on will go dead silent for a few seconds and everyone looks thinking private thoughts.

    Mining is like this totally different world in itself. Everything wants to kill you, destroy shit. Its entropy, the natural order of the universe. You are fucking directly with mother nature. Shit Happens is Absolute. After 11 years before my old lady made me retire, God Bless ya Honey, I never stopped being amazed. Most of the guys you work with develop this combat 6th sense, everyone watches out for each-other. Its awesome, band of brothers, the company only does the obvious requirements, its after every buck and pushes everything to the max, most being nothing but money laundering operations, at least in WV coal mines, the miners become knitted together at company and squad level units, they set the rules on the ground, the pay is barely enough, but just enough to keep the hillbillies tied to the post of indentured slavery, there’s no other jobs or industry, and thats no accident, its really serfdom, the Scotts Irish went over the Monogahela range into the great unknown frontier after escaping the same indentured servitude, they escaped from in England, and ended up mining instead of growing potatoes and grain. Circular history aye what.
    WV is unique geologically. No place on Earth like it. The entire state sits over the greatest concentration of combined natural energy reserves exists. The state is so deeply entrenched in corruption involved in resource extraction it would require literally killing every fucker exists to the last of em’ involved in it to change the institutional order it is.
    Its this really crazy dynamic. For the most part good folks live a constant state of low intensity conflict, rebellion and defiance, a kind of symbiotic relationship with the cabal running shit, almost a respectful running Mexican standoff. There’s a simmering cold blooded anger never forgives never forgets just below the humble Christian homespun Grace and manners. The machine knows, the good folks know, both know they know they know. Its a Machiavellian balance. Its why hillbillies in these mountains are plumb dog mean as fuck and never back down, why so many great Warrior Soldiers come from WV. I’m a Yank from the heart of the source if the best Colonial Era citizen Warrior Soldiers, its a real different thing here. Another world. I think WV will never be subdued, not in along the ridges and hollows deep inside its heart. If anything it will be, already is, a redoubt and refuge from the storm approaches us. But one thats ruthless, the most fittest survive. Trying to figure out the folk’s here history, the wonderful culture, and time honored traditions in these mountains is a philosophical journey of its own. I can say with certainty what was begun in JamesTown in 1609 lives.

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