14 thoughts on “Soothing The Savage Beast, These Are For You Death Ray

    • Man, Death, I have heard of Joe Bonamassa but never heard his music. Damn! he sure can sweet talk those strings! I have been listening to him on these two songs and pulled up what I could and downloaded in to my MP3 music file. You do have good taste! We ever get to have a coffee bull ring session with Phil and the other good old boys on here we are bringing the music!


  1. A geezer neighbor who passed away a few years ago turned
    me onto this guy. He is a fantastic guitarist and I never
    even heard of him before. There is a Screwtube video of
    of him doing a guitar duel with a black dude. Find it
    and watch it. It blew my mind!


    • I’ve seen that
      They’re on a cruise ship when it was filmed.
      He does a annual couple day cruise as a fundraiser called keeping the blues alive tour.
      You’re right about that duel.
      They’re scorching it out.


  2. Saw him live about 8 years ago. In a small venue, and damn did he rock. What was really cool is that he let each of the other musicians have their moments to shine. It wasn’t just the Joe show, he respected them all. Wish I could see him again, but now I live out in the sticks. Nearest venue big enough for him is 4 hours away.


  3. Like Cederq I have heard his name for years. Son been to a lot of concerts never told me. Yes he is up there with all those names as well as Clapton and Jimi Hendrix


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