Gobsmacked AGAIN!

Holy Moly I am just beside myself again.

Just freaking ASTOUNDED at the generosity!

I got woke up by the doorbell a little bit ago, I stayed up too damned late last night after work but I knew I had taken the day off so I wasn’t concerned about getting enough sleep. The Wifely Unit has to take her Mom in for two doctors appointments in two days so she is just driving over there and spending a couple nights.

That means I needed to stay home to watch our boy.

So after my brain registered the doorbell I kinda half staggered to go answer it without my glasses but there wasn’t anyone there, someone had dropped off a package.

I ambled into the kitchen and set it down and headed straight to the coffee pot.

My EENS are always at severely low levels when I first wake up.

Caffeine and Nicotine.

Threw a cup in the Nukulizer and headed to the bathroom while it got it’s molecular structure razzle dazzled.

Came out, grabbed that and my smokes and hit the door.

First things first ya know.

Then I came in and took a closer look at this box with my peepers on so I could actually see something besides a somewhat rectangular brown fuzzy thing.
Hmm, a return address this time but some flag company in New York?

Here we go, I damn well don’t remember ordering anything from them and this box is wrapped with duct tape tighter than an Egyptian Mummy.

It took several minutes to get that unpeeled. Then there is another box inside that one.

Razor time.

I spied another return address on this one though.


Mr. Leigh.

He said that he was sending something. Actually it was his idea to surprise me in the first place and then Irish used the excuse of my birthday to shock and awe me .

His stuff just got here first.

After I got the second box open I had an immediate WOW!

Right at the very top.

Lemme tell ya, I am going to treasure this for the rest of my life and I am dead fucking serious.

I don’t know where he came up with that sticker but it is absolutely OUTSTANDING!

I set that aside and kept digging.

This is kind of hard to explain. I’m sure you will know what I am talking about but it’s not easy to describe.

If you have ever had a traumatic injury, a car wreck, a bad fall, something like that, your brain kind of goes into an altered reality. Time slows down and your vision viewpoint seems to be detached from your body.

Shock will do that to ya.

That’s pretty much what started happening here.


Shock and a shit load of different kinds of tape.

Electrical tape of various colors and clear plastic tape.

All holding shut a virtual GOLD MINE of goodies.

I ain’t kidding either.

Holy Fucking Shit… Holy Fucking Shit.. Holy Fucking Shit…. over and over and over again.

The shock started turning to outright disbelief.

Mr Leigh, ya done out did yourself sir.

Check this out.

All those little containers?

Brand new, solid carbide, End Mills.

Holy. Fucking. Shit..

There is a small fortune sitting there in that picture.

With BONUS stickers, a small Fly Cutter and a FORD emblem?

After I got most of the tape off of them, set them up for the pictures, put them all back into their little tubes and then went out in the garage to fetch a couple of clear plastic parts containers with dividers to keep them separated from each other, I sat down and sent Leigh a very heartfelt Thank You Email.

For the second time this week I am in an extended state of shock but I think I managed to get my gratitude across.

He even replied and told me the catch to the whole thing is that I have to actually mount that Ford emblem on something.

I replied by asking if the Wifely Unit’s Ford Focus counted but pretty much knew that it didn’t before I sent it so since all I have are GM products and that damn Sprite, this could get interesting.

There is also another reader who got in touch with me and insisted that he be able to purchase and End Mill for me a day or two ago now to help get me started out. Time is kind of bent for me because of this weird shift I’m working. That whole go to work on a Monday and come home on a Tuesday thing fucks with you.

Mr. Bear Claw Chriss Lapp is yet another big hearted American and he wanted me to send him a part number for the end mill of my choice so he could buy it and have it shipped to me.

You guys are incredible.

Absolutely, incredible.

I am finding words to be completely inadequate here.

I’m sure there are thousands of them that I could use but not one of them could possibly even come close to describing my feelings of gratitude, humility and awe.

Thank You, from the bottom of my heart.


I sent this to Leigh to see if I could weasel by on his wish that I mount that Ford emblem on one of my rigs.

Can’t blame me for trying.

And yeah, that didn’t fly.


35 thoughts on “Gobsmacked AGAIN!

  1. Good things happen to good people. Just accept that.

    I ordered 50 of the “Offended? Nobody Cares!” Stickers from a company in Georgia. I will display mine proudly. The other 49 will be for any vehicle I find in the airport garage with. “Coexist” or “Bernie” sticker. Given that I live in Massachusetts and frequently travel I may need to buy another 500 or so…

    Phil –

    My brother was a machinist, died in a car accident 5/1/70. I have his tool box. There is very little that I want to keep, not sure what is in there. If you are interested I’d like to donate much of it to you. I’m a Mechanical Engineer, no interest in machining (but in awe of what machinists can do!).

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh man,that’s another one right in the feelz.
      I would be honored to take anything you are absolutely positive that you don’t want to keep, off of your hands.
      You can get a hold of me by clicking the “Contact” button at the top of the main page and sending me a message.
      Thank you very much and even though it has been 50 years, my sincere condolences. I have one real brother and he is basically all I have left out of my original family. One of us is going to be devastated here one of these days.


    • Mr Leigh, I was trying to reply on your comment and it wouldn’t let me, did you ban me? I promise I won’t do my little joke like that again… I am a manly man. May I ask where ya got the Proud to be on the watch list and the Offended, no body cares stickers? I would be might proud to display those on teh back of my truck along side Phil’s “Warning, Ornery Bastard on Board” Sticker Phil sent me and am prouder then kool aid to display and get a lot of comments from. if you click on my dog it will display my email address or Phil has that and my contact info.


        • No worries, Cederq. I’m used to people busting my balls all the time, the worst of it comes from my friends. Besides, I know what side of the plate I swing from. 😉

          The stickers came from my good friends at Saratoga Flag. Irish posted a link down below. They are good people. I encourage anyone that needs flags, signs, banners, or stickers to give them a shout. If they don’t have it, they can make it, and if not they know someone who can.

          Whitehall, NY


  2. Leigh, you went over and beyond for this, good on you, Sir.

    But don’t expect to get much for xmas this year, Phil, I had a phone call from Santa already, he was willling to deliver your goodies, but he is grumbling about working overtime, something about over enthusiastic gear heads helping each other.



  3. Very well done guys. It’s amazing when folks pass along things that make your life better. I’m proud for you Phil!!

    I found a Freightliner badge like that on the ground at work once. Mosyed into the maintenance shop and got some black RTV. Stuck it on my old company Yukon. It got a toot or two from truckers when I was running the roads.

    If you having fun, it don’t feel like work.


  4. I just bought a 1/4″ 3 flute end mill from McMaster Carr not long ago. It’s zactly like the one in the pic at the bottom. Cost $72 and change delivered. Needless to say, WOW! Congrats, you deserve it! Ohio Guy.


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