9 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Get Closer Than That

  1. Back when I used to bow hunt, a lot, I had to move back beyond 15 yards because I was ruining so many arrows. I used to be able to put five inside the area of a quarter, under that range. A torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder has pretty much put an end to that pursuit. I think I still could manage to maintain an effective hunting group out to 30 yards. I’d have to drop my draw weight a substantial amount, though. I was running just a tad North of 75lbs on my Jennings Quest. It is a fast, great shooting bow.

    Whitehall, NY


  2. I’ve done it several times over the years shooting target archery. with the nock in place…I finally went to a five or 3 spot target to save on arrow wear… the first or two times is cool… then you realize it’s costing you money


  3. A target bow, maximum 30lbs draw by regulation, with sights and a stabilizer shooting indoors at a regulation distance. I’m not impressed at all, I’ve known target archers who have collections of Robin Hooded arrows. Let’s see him do it outside in a breeze with a hunting weight (or war weight) bow with no stabilizers or sights at an indeterminate range.


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