Hangin’ Out With The Fella’s

It took me a second.

My brain said something wasn’t right from the get go but it didn’t register until it moved.

16 thoughts on “Hangin’ Out With The Fella’s

    • I grew up in the country so I knew chickens weren’t real fond of water, though they do have waterproof feet and can wade pretty well. Still, I was amazed one day in Alaska to see a Bald Eagle out for a swim. It had a fairly large fish in its claws and didn’t want to lose it. He couldn’t take off from the water, so he swam to the nearest shore where he ate his fill and finally flew off to a high limb on a dead cedar tree.


      • Cool! No Bald Eagles here in Ohio, but we get small hawks checking out our bird feeders, and scoring a meal if a starling or sparrow isn’t paying attention.


  1. Not a lot of space in that beady little head for brains. Chickens are basically giant bugs with feathers. Very tasty giant bugs with feathers that is.


  2. Damn, learn sumthang everyday on here and the other blogs. I did not know that chickens can float or want to go into the water. Johno, you have any odd and Aussie gibberish you can add to this perplexing and interesting discussion?


    • Emus living in coastal areas, suffering any heat stress will freely take a dip in the sea to cool down. I assume the same happens inland too in freshwater, but have not seen it. Do they have ponds and streams in Idaho? I thought it was just spuds everywhere.


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