The Closet Commies Are Coming Out

Just like there wasn’t one single U.S. flag on stage at the Democratic Convention.

Their loyalties should be obvious to the most inattentive morons out there by now.

20 thoughts on “The Closet Commies Are Coming Out

  1. Good!! Let them show everyone just how they Truly feel about America. No flag on stage. Using twisted legislation to damage the country. And what is the deal with all the troops in DC?


  2. You can’t say the pledge often enough. The House starts every session with the pledge. Saying it again before a committee meeting wouldn’t hurt. It may be a good idea if it were said five times per day, including perhaps midday, evening and sundown. Everyone could face Mar a Lago and throw up a little Der Duetsche Grub as well.


      • And during Clinton’s reign of terror.

        And during Carter’s.

        And LBJ’s.

        And FDR’s.

        And Woodrow Wilson’s.

        The Dems have been using the IRS as an attack dog against their enemies since, oh, about the founding of the IRS.

        Just JugEars Mohammed did it so ineptly even the fawning newsies reported it (because they’re idiots, and they wanted to say how JugEars would hammer any self-respecting American with the IRS.

        Yeah, no surprises there.

        Trump? Slashed taxes, reigned in the IRS. SloJo and the Ho? Weaponize the IRS, it’s the only way to be sure…


  3. I remember watching Apollo 11 when I was 9yo and thinking the USA must be the smartest place on earth. Guess to gor stupid recently.


  4. This is off-topic as shit but trying to reconstruct an entire computer system
    from scratch, after the old system took a dump is giving me a case of the shits.
    It reminded me of some of Phil’s misadventures. Like Phil, I can handle
    most jobs but sometimes you get fucked in the ass by the flying fickled
    finger of fate. Back in the 90s, I did some work for a body shop in Torrance
    CA. The owner had a plaque on his desk that read:

    “Alle Kunst ist umsonst Wenn ein Engel in das Zündloch Prunst”, an old
    German proverb. The English translation is All skill is in vain if an angel
    pisses in the flintlock of your musket. This should be the motto for
    for the mechanical trades. Anyone who brain-fucks for weeks trying
    to diagnose an intermittent problem will understand.

    The easy jobs can be the worst (mechanical, electrical, and computer,)
    can bite you in the ass! Installing a printer driver should be a piece of
    cake, but my printer is connected to the LAN (Local Area Network.)
    I had Internet access the day I got the new computer. Job 1 or so
    I thought. The fucker reverted to my Wi-Fi network, so every time
    I tried to install the printer I got a big fuck you because the LAN
    connection is not communicating with the router. The easy jobs
    can sometimes be the worst!

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    • I saw a sign in a lawnmower repair/parts place about 40 years ago. It said something along the lines of: Anyone can adjust to uselessness in the space of 5 minutes a perfectly running lawnmower.

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  5. I think you may be giving them a bit more credit than they deserve here.

    Ever think they voted against saying the pledge because they just can’t remember that many words in a row?


  6. This makes me wonder if there was some left vs. right going on. Would be interesting to know the complete back story. Whatever the case that dude went all in and put those fuckers down for good. I have to admit I was rooting for the dude a little. If the 2 were conservatives they should have known to keep their traps shut. Listen to the audio. Zero fucks given at the end. Dude was shit talking them as he wasted them. Full on mad monkey mode activated.


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