Um, Yeah. NO

I don’t care what’s up at the top, you wouldn’t see me trying that shit and whoever built that thing were some crazy motherfuckers.

7 thoughts on “Um, Yeah. NO

  1. If I recall, that is some of the passageways that China has. I’ve seen a couple over there in my travels years back. Not near as bad as that is. I think that is some of the Great Wall you see there. The section I visited was mild compared to that!


  2. Even if it’s not a “technical” climb, there are places that call for full harness, roping up, and placing protection, and alternating belays against a fall. I might have done what these guys are doing when I was much younger, but not anymore.
    Glacier travel is another. It may be just hiking on snow until you punch through a weak bridge over a crevasse. I’ll always remember the sign at the North Gate trailhead on Mt. Shasta: “Beware the man-eating bergschrund on the Hotlum Glacier!”


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