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Courtesy of James Kunstler, he of be prepared to party like it’s 1889 fame,

Emergently, then, the Big Box business model could fail, and in fairly short order, which would at least give Americans a chance to self-reorganize the production and distribution of goods in our own country. It sure won’t be like 1957 again, but it would give an awful lot of idle people more to do when they get up in the morning. Wait for it, and plan accordingly.

I will most definitely recommend you go read the whole piece.

Mr. Kunstler is no dummy by any stretch of the imagination and has the rare ability to see down the road a fer piece as the saying goes.

I have to agree with him in this instance.

The deliberate destruction of our economy and the forced patronage of Big Box Stores like WalMart is not going to end as well as the political vampires would like to believe.

For one thing they are very dependent on China for their products.

Things might be looking good for them right at the current moment with Premier Biden at the helm but this ignores the fact that for the rest of us, we have a whole lot of pent up anger, frustration and most of all, drive, just waiting for a creative outlet to point it towards.

Americans are deservedly known around the world as a Can Do people and being told they can’t do something is akin to waving a large red flag directly in front of an enraged bull.

Incredibly creative, hard working and prone to go by the BFYTW principal, there is going to be a Renaissance of the Small Business owner in this country come Hell or High Water.

Kunstler above is telling us all to be ready for that.

We should all be aware of what it is going to take to make that work too.

Local, Local, Local.

Just like it used to be.

Communities banding together to help each other thrive, not just survive.

Legal, under the table or outright Black Market.

It is going to happen no matter who thinks they can stop it.

The numbers don’t lie and we have the numbers.

11 thoughts on “Quote Of The Week

  1. That’s what I’m doing, selling steel, hydraulic hoses, tools and fasteners. I can avoid Amazon and Wal-Mart and compete with
    Lowe’s but I’m still dependent on the supply chain and companies like Grainger and Parker.

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  2. We “Buy Local” as much as we can, even though it costs more.

    This whole “Cheapest Price Possible” is ruining local business, destroying our ability to make our own stuff, and forcing us to buy things that don’t last.


  3. Here’s something that we can do.
    Groups of 1-3 people.
    Get a printer.
    Get a sheaf of 500 pages of plain paper.
    Print out the Declaration of Independence.
    Spread it everywhere.
    Do it smart and your and your buddies are anonymous.

    Call it the anonymous Declaration of Independence initiative.
    Everybody can participate.


    • You DO know about the microdots each printer leaves on everything it prints? The Fast Boys from Illinois, use them for all kinds of tracking and tracing.
      I’m just putting this out there, not trying to stop your plan.


  4. He is correct in saying the current business paradigm cannot continue. It is a corrupt hollow shell of what was once a thriving model of business efficiency and innovation. Now it’s nothing more than a shell game moving digital currency around in an effort by those on the inside to gain profit without actually providing anything of value. It MUST collapse so therefor it eventually will. When is anybody’s guess but it’s more likely sooner than later. What comes after that can only be guessed at. Nobody can know for sure what will rise from the ashes. But if you study history you
    will realize that the odds are good that whatever comes next we will NOT enjoy. Prepare accordingly.


  5. This started with the big box stores. Since the early 80s, whenever a big box
    store moved into a town they left dead small businesses in their wake. The new
    Masters of the Universe are big tech and online retailers. That is one of many
    many problems that led us to where we are. The money-sucking vampires in
    Washington and state capitols feed on corporate bribes. Pass a law or
    regulation requiring double-walled tanks at gas stations, and all the independents
    go broke leaving big oil to swallow them up. When I was young, the independents
    were so common dairy farms had gas pumps.

    I’m sure the assholes in Washington invested heavily in big oil just as they did
    when big box stores killed all the small businesses. Jeff Bezos once screwed
    a small business that sold camera tripods. He kicked them off Amazon and
    copied their product. It is only a matter of time before he targets big corporations.
    The only question that remains to be answered is will it be big tech or China
    will own the world. If there is to be a big movement, it will have to be a VERY
    big one!


  6. I am consciously avoiding all big-box stores, Amazon, and stay away from ANY business or service that has to do with Google. I use Patriot Mobile, and am going Starlink for all my Internet connectivity. It’s a pity I have to stay on the grid, for now, but I can certainly pull up stakes and go elsewhere at a moment (or two)’s notice. It just may come to that, because I Will Not Comply.


    • Great idea! When I first saw that Big Box stores were killing mom
      and pop stores, I vowed to patronize them every chance I got.
      Grocery stores aside I shop at the local small businesses. I
      prefer to eat at privately owned restaurants. Nothing beats
      the local country-style restaurants. I just discovered a hole
      in the wall barbecue restaurant run by a black guy from Texas.
      Customer feedback has this place at a 4.9 out of 5 with 200+
      reviews. No business that I know of gets those kinds of numbers!

      Small business owners have to have good ratings if they want to
      stay in business! They have to have good products, good foods,
      and good service. Fuck Denny’s and I-Hop. I can’t remember
      when I last ate at I-Hop. They were a piss poor substitute for
      Sambos. The woke culture drove them out of business decades
      ago for “racism.” They went on to kill Aunt Jemima, Land O Lakes,
      the Frito Bandito, Uncle Ben’s, and the Coppertone girl.

      Shop locally every chance you get even if costs more. Also,
      boycott anything made in China!


    • No more Amazon. No more big box stores. If I can buy direct from a company or a smaller retailer I am doing it, even if costs a little more and may take a little more time for delivery. If everyone can do this, it will bleed out the big boys slowly but surely. Same thing with Netflix and the rest of them, make the switch, deny all of them that side with liberal commies any of your business. Sports?! Nope! Not watching the big game this weekend, I’m going to the range to get my groupings tighter.


  7. “Legal, under the table or outright Black Market.”

    I thought this might be a possibility too but the communist will not let this happen. I see serious gun control and a push for a cashless society to counter this in the very near future. If we go cashless then will will be left with the barter system.


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