Adding Insult To Injury

My first reaction was How in the fuck?

Then I thought the window blew out when he landed.

But no.

On top of being a Dumbass, now he gets to pay for a tow and to have the air bags replaced.

Them fuckers are expensive.

As soon as that air bag deployed it was all over. It shuts the engine down too.

Yet another reason to buy and maintain an older truck that don’t have all that happy shit.

You can be a dumbass and still drive away.

12 thoughts on “Adding Insult To Injury

  1. Fuck, that looks like ~$80k worth of truck.
    I just learned that if the airbags deploy on my wife’s new truck – the truck calls 911 automatically.


      • Now you guys got me worried; my ’08 Silverado has started the “Service Airbag” shit. I don’t know if it’s due to a timer in the Body Control Module or funky connections in cool weather.
        I’ve got a “We’re gonna fix those Jap airbags” letter, but it was written by the Old GM, not the “Present GM” I’m tempted to pull the fuse for the bag actuators.


    • I have 32k of brand new when I bought it 2012 Tundra. # 4 on the top 10 for American made parts and labor, Every bit of what that truck is if not more.
      F-150 was # 1 but no Chevy’s or Chrysler on the list. Corvette # 10 but no other ‘American’ vehicles. fwiw. Saw a new Silverado with a 52K window sticker. Striped too, no bed liner, no bluetooth on the wheel, very little. They must use those stickers to have their 15,000 Dollar OFF ! sales.

      Watching the Russian driving/crash videos, many of the vehicles there called emergency when they crash.


    • Nah it looks like a 2015. But it’s still around 30k used. I’m guessing the idiot did about 2-3k plus labor, not including paint in damages not to mention the suspension if it got damaged. And then you can see his hat go flying. He might have some doctor bills after that too. Those things go off with the force of a 12ga shotgun shell. I’m guessing he was on his phone cause the parking lot looks empty.


  2. In 1974 I was in the navy stationed in alameda calif. 2 of the guys i worked with were very heavy drinkers. They had a small sedan. One night they told me they were driving about 70 mph down the road, and one of them looks out his window and a cop comes walking up to them. He rolls his window down and tells the cop he walked very fast. Turns out they had somehow driven their car up the side of a pole like that and were too drunk to know it.


  3. Today’s tucks are not tuff trucks. The plastic bumpers, crumple zones, and engines designed to fold under in a wreck make them fragile. Thin steel or aluminum bodies. They do have more powerful engines and brakes but a 72 F100 with a 390, granny gear 4 speed, and a 3:77 posi rear could easily haul 2000 pounds in the bed or pull a 10,000 lb load. The problem was stopping that 10,000 lb load.

    Remember the movie Mr. Majestic? That was a stock 2wd F100 doing all of those jumps and cross country racing. Try that with todays F150 or F250 and you will have major suspension damage that couldn’t make the cross country run after the jump.


  4. You ain’t had the shit slapped out of you until you’ve had an airbag in the face. I sported bruises for two weeks. Knocked my ass right out.


  5. Unphukin believable, the ONLY damn post in an empty parking lot and you gotta hit it. It’s physically and mentally impossible for anyone to be this damn stoopit. How did you gather enough smarts to even get the truck started ifn you pulled this shit…….
    And along these same lines, the ones where your truck/car calls 911 ifn the baggies go off, I understand that John Deere now has a lectric tractor, (cat came out with a lectric D11 a few years ago) they been working on one for 20 plus years and it’s still in prototype stages…. Batts of any sort are heavy so this bitch gotta weight, I can see it now when it runs across wet soft ground. Let the phunn begin.
    And their new model diesel tractors now require you to upgrade their software every year or it won’t start. But they’re working on completely driverless tractors, you won’t even have to leave the shitter and you can be a farmer over 1000’s of acres. Ruining the whole intent on being a farmer in the first place, which was so you could play inna dirt every day……. Working real hard on making the human obsolete, not that we couldn’t live without a few billion of the useless fuks……


  6. My personal ride in an 05 wrangler, with the 4.0 L simple vehicle, and I can fix most stuff on it. Looks like shit from the rust, but I am going to drive it till either I die, or it does.
    Work provided ride is a 19 Colorado extended cab 4WD with the V6. Doesn’t even have a transmission dipstick. Electrical system is shit, dome lights flicker when it’s running. They gave me the first gen Colorado with the 5 cylinder in it years ago, that was a true POS, they took it away with 40K on it with a scrap tranny.
    Best truck I ever owned was a Ford F150, think it was an 85. 4wd, 300 straight 6, standard trans, transfer case had granny low. Only shitty part was the smog pump


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