14 thoughts on “Driveway’s Clear Clark

  1. While living in South Dakota I had a brutal ice and snow storm and the next morning trying to get to my truck was hell but then it was iced over at least an inch. So I get out my propane weed burner and torched it up and pointed it from a safe distance at my doors and the noise brought out all my neighbors thinking a jet had crashed landed in the street, it was that loud at full knob turn. I didn’t burn the truck or melted my windows, so there was that….


  2. OT. BETTY WHITES bday 99 yrs. god bless her, GRAND OLE DAME !!best quip i heard outta her was how to get over a man,get under a new one. LOVE HER !! secret to long life DON’T DIE. there will never be another like her. long may she live & she’s looking damn good at 99 TOO.


  3. This is as off-topic as it gets but does anyone give fewer fucks than I do about
    the National Felons League or the Kneeler bowl? Every one of our national
    sports leagues has swallowed the BML Kool-Aid bullshit. As far as I am
    concerned sports are dead to me!


    • I’m beginning to like you more everyday, Leonard.
      Gave up on all of them maybe a decade ago.
      I just don’t see how anyone that cares about the country could allow themselves to watch any of those over paid, kneeling crybabies.


    • There’s a reason it’s called “sports entertainment” on the back of the ticket. It’s fake. Might as well be watching pro wrestling.


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