Awesome and PERFECT Timing Too!

My Buddy Grog up North of me sent me a birthday present too that just got here today and not only am I flabbergasted but the timing was excellent!

A brand new set of Carhartt Insulated Bib Overalls!

He said he has a set of insulated coveralls and these were too long in the leg so he sent them to me!


Thank You Man!

These things are the shit!

Just perfect timing because it’s supposed to get below freezing and stay there for a few days.

Of course it’s nothing like some of the rest of you are trying to endure,another Internet buddy up in Canada sent me a picture of his phone the other day and the temp display was -42 degrees.

I honestly don’t know how people live in that kind of climate, I couldn’t do it.

Being acclimated to the Pacific Northwest, it is unusual for it to get down below freezing and stay there where I am at even if it’s only in the mid 20’s and that is plenty cold enough for me.

That would be downright balmy if it had been down to 40 below I’m sure but my arthritic and busted up fingers can’t take that shit.

Not to mention I am a skinny old fart.

The cold cuts right to the bone where I am concerned and when my hands get cold anymore it feels like someone is shoving huge needles sideways through the joints in my fingers.

Screaming pain.

Theses new overalls will help keep me nice and toasty. I also go down to Harbor Freight in late Fall and buy a couple of bags of these puppies,

I put those on and then cram on a pair of leather work gloves over the top.

Works pretty good.

The one saving grace about the timing of this cold snap is that today is my Friday and that shit isn’t supposed to hit until about the time I get off work and come home.

Hopefully there won’t be any need for me to venture out in that cold ass shit in the first place.

If the little heater in the garage can keep up then I am in Fat City.

If not then I am just going to sit here on my ass and wait it out.

16 thoughts on “Awesome and PERFECT Timing Too!

  1. Score. I’m reading your post while wearing my black, insulated bibs. I was in my rig heading out to the jobsite and the super called it off. Too much ice and it’s only going to get worse overnight. Stay warm.


  2. I dunno, man. With all this incredible generosity coming your way lately, you are starting to remind me of the priest in Caddyshack having the miraculous best golf game of his life. Stay frosty.


  3. Tragedy! It was a bit warm and humid here in tropical north Queensland yesterday arvo, 33C with an app temp of 37C. Then BAMMO, big afternoon storm and the temperature plummeted for several hours, to 26C, app temp of 24C. This may sound ridiculous to someone in the northern hemisphere, but that 13 degree Celcius drop had all the girls putting on shirts, covering the goodies up, and that’s no good at all!


  4. Pussy. Kidding.

    I remember back in the 70’s, can’t remember what year, in January where I lived at the time in Massholia, it didn’t get above 32F for the whole month and one of those weeks it never got above 10F daytime and well below zero every night.

    Read a story this AM about some woman up in Alaska that froze to death walking home from her “next door neighbor’s home” in -40F temp. Apparently, she had had a couple of toots at the neighbor’s, so no telling if she passed out drunk while walking. Alaska is known to be the “drunkest state” according to another story I read on alcohol consumption last week.


    • Ya gotta remember that up here, “next door” may be a few miles. Most of us dress for that (Carhartt’s are the shit!), but even dressed for it, -40 & colder takes a toll on ya. It’s been well below -20 for a couple weeks straight finally. It just doesn’t get cold like it used to anymore. Wasn’t uncommon to see 3 or 4 weeks straight of -30 & colder when I got here in 95.


      • I hear ya, p2 – in Minot in Jan-Feb it would stay below -25F for a week or two, then warm up to 0F. When it got up to freezing we thought it was sub-tropical and only wore t-shirts ’cause it was too hot to wear coats.
        And, I’m not kidding, either.


  5. Those welding gloves are the bomb. Rarity here single digits in the mornings thru monday. Love my carhart bibs as well. Must be all that Glow “Bull” warming. Probably just the solar minimum but you won’t hear that from the press titutes.


  6. You know Phil you start wearing those you will not take them off, you will start wearing them to bed to stay nice and toasty. I have a pair of them. They are also made for D-10 Cats too…. If you put mine on, you could snuggle the wife unit in with you…. you would still find room for the cat.


  7. My gift to Phil is being shipped today. My schedule has been hectic so I
    let it sit around a few days before I reshipped it. I will not reveal what it
    is, but it is humorous and fits him to a T!


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