It’s Called PROJECTION And The Democrats Are Experts At It

Gas Lighting Sonsabitches, every fucking one of them.

They are pulling this absolute bullshit Kangaroo Court trying to nail Trump with inciting violence and yet for the last two nights in a row, the Portland Police Association building has been under attack by ANTIFA and not one.fucking.word. Nor will they admit their ACTUAL SUPPORT for all of the destruction and damage they caused all Summer last year.



12 thoughts on “It’s Called PROJECTION And The Democrats Are Experts At It

  1. I woke up this morning thinking about the thing I hate most about the left.
    Free speech is absolute and indeed we have the right to yell fire in a
    crowded theater. Civil law covers such an irresponsible act meaning
    you can get your ass sued if someone is killed or injured. If you are
    stupid enough to walk into Harlem or South Central Los Angeles
    and yell the “N” word you should have every right to do so. The same
    goes for walking into a gay bar and asking how do you fit 4 queers
    on a barstool? Turn it upside down.

    This criminalization of speech has to be fought with every fiber of our
    being beings. The Democrats are using a page out of Orwell’s 1984
    and they have their own Newspeak Dictionary. Altering the meaning
    of words means that they deem politically incorrect, everything becomes
    a crime. If you take a tough stand on crime or oppose welfare, in their
    eyes, you are a racist. By altering the meaning of the word gender
    (which used to be synonymous with sex,) they have beclowned
    themself to the point of clinical insanity. They have swallowed their
    own tolerance bullshit to the point there are now about 70 genders
    and if we disagree, we are homophobes. If we have an issue with
    a 1,400-year-old Mideaval death cult, we are Islamophobes.

    I loved growing up in America in saner times before Speedy
    Gonzeles, Bugs Bunny, and the Frito Bandito were not deemed
    racist. I would pitch a fit if my mother bought pancake syrup
    that did not have Aunt Jemima on the bottle because it was
    the best syrup on the market. We need to boycott any product
    where the corporation caved to woke culture, all institutions
    like the liberal media, and any professional sport that played
    a part in this bullshit! It is time to take our culture back and
    send a clear message that we are not going to take it anymore.

    Fuck em:


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