I know damn good and well the Wifely Unit is going to be out here shortly.

She will turn on that fucking Idiot Box on her way into the kitchen because she has to have that fucker on during all waking moments.


Chicken Littles, Karens and every dumb fucking bastard they can get to stand in front of a camera going on and on about how horrible it is and how the entire region is paralyzed. There will be the obligatory scenes of metal carnage as we see yet again there are way too many dumb motherfuckers out there who have no clue how to drive in inclement weather but By George they gotta get to fucking Starbucks and get that damn Latte anyway.

Non Fucking Stop in 3…2..1..

All because of this,

What, 2,maybe 3 inches of snow.

Lord help us this country is chock full of dumbasses.

Yes, it’s still coming down, no, I don’t give a fuck.

Y’all have a nice day now.

24 thoughts on “Meh

  1. and the fun part is watching all the assholes who think just because they have 4 wheel drive, they
    can do anything, like drive like is clear and dry on the roads, i find if funny to watch myself.
    here, we have all the morons on atv ‘s driving like mad all over the place.
    wonder half of them aren’t dead or in the hospital. if they where not so loud, i wouldn’t care.

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    • Dogs have 4 paw drive. Doesn’t help them either. Just watched two of mine hit the icy driveway at speed and do a spectacular wipeout-grabble4traction.

      My dumb ass, a week out of shoulder surgery, took two steps out off the carport and nearly went ass-over-teacup.

      Yup. That’s it for me. Seen enough.


    • I spent 3-1/2 hours on the I-405 skating rink once. Wife called work and wondered where I was. Once I got in I called her back. Yes, this was before cell phones were affordable…


  2. We are about to get hammered I’m afraid. The plumbing down here is almost on the ground, and in the non-insulated walls. and it looks like 14 for a low Tuesday morning. I don’t like the looks of it…. not one bit. Sheesh. Keep warm Phil.


  3. We are in the DFW area. Forecast low overnight for Monday is -1. Running faucets will just freeze up into the faucet. Only have 2 hose bibs on the house, both wrapped with towels and then covered with Styrofoam covers.

    Here, ZMG! isn’t the weather, it’s the drivers. They drive like they are on crack. Tailgate, cut across 4 lanes, etc. Weather be damned. Here is video of the pileup in Ft. Worth–

    Note the dry ground. Pileup was caused by ICE on elevated roadway.


    • I’ve lived in DFW over 20 years. It’s been a long time that we haven’t had ice. But far as I recall, a week of temps coming up has never happened. But one thing is constant – dumbass drivers, and dumbass homeowners.

      I know when I venture out I’ll see more than one 4×4 with a crushed roof, and more than one winter wonderland caused by an idiot that forgot to turn the sprinkler system off.


  4. I love watching out of control shit on ice & snow. Glorifies the dumb asses this country has become.
    Every single one of em, commercial and private alike, out of control with brakes locked, apparently believing that if you press harder on the pedal it’ll give you more stopping power on ice & snow. I know from past experience to just let da wheels turn and steer clear of the dumbfuks headed to the ditch or head on with infamous pile up. And those thinking they can conquer mt. Everest with their 4 x 4….. you dumb wanker. once you loose control with a 4×4 you ain’t getting it back until you come to a stop…..


  5. Here in Ohio the weather guessers do their best to scare you so “you will stay tuned in” so it is more about eyes that facts. The end of the world is two inches of snow, stay tuned for the latest…


  6. Phil, I will be sending you an email of some real snow I took out front of my place so you can post. Also included is a pic of the gay bull bar I have in front of my truck that some have asked to see…


  7. RE: Carhartt – Their insulation is top notch. I’ve got a Carhartt coat and I’ve learned to not wear it unless it’s below 20F – the coat’s too warm to wear above that. Thank you, Carhartt.
    RE: Snow chains. After decades of wrestling in the snow I did 2 things – built “chain boards” – 16″ wide 3/4 plywood with 2X6 cross pieces spaced to fit the chain cross links – lay the chain on it, drive up on it, pull the chain over the tire.
    Then I got really smart – bought 2 spare wheels and saved the best 2 tires from the last replacement cycle, put the chains on them. When it snows enough to need chains, bring air pressure up to snuff, jack up the rear with a floor jack under the diff, fire up the cordless impact wrench and 4 minutes later I’m done.


  8. Yep. Surrounded by dumbfucks and pusies. Here in Cincinnati they actually drive slower in rain than they do in snow. 1) I think the marginal drivers stay home in snow tho God help ya if it snows while you’re at work. Speed limit on the drive home now 5 mph if you’re lucky.
    I think the dumbass kids think they can hydroplane on wet asphalt because their speed limit is now 35.. I can just hear them as I pass them at 70 mph – MANIAC! to which I reply MORON !


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