I Figure It’s Appropriate

That white shit is still falling out of the sky here. Freezing rain half the night and now more snow on top if it.

This old tune popped into my head.

I have/had a copy of this album. It was the very first album to have a laser engraved image burned into the vinyl.

And this tune was on it.

9 thoughts on “I Figure It’s Appropriate

  1. It is snowing here too, all night, I could ask Deathray to send you those slit glasses they use up north to see with sun glare, you would look cool!


    • Please don’t use words like slit on this blog.
      There is a sick minded individual that stops by here and using such terminology may send him off on another unintelligible rant.

      Those things of which you speak are now found in museums, even being at the top of the world here, we’re not all assbackwards and do manage to keep up with social trends.
      In other words we use ” cheap sunglasses”.


    • That is just fucking hilarious!
      A buddy of mine had to work last night, he has to come over from Troutdale and we were texting back and forth a bit.
      He was bitching about none of the roads being plowed over on this side and asked me if there weren’t any fucking snow plows over on this side of the river?
      I just sent him that link….


  2. As appropriate as the song is for the current events many are experiencing, this storm too shall pass.
    STYX has another song that daily I seem to use a line from.
    ” Welcome to the grand illusion”.

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  3. Deathray, you will make life easier if you cease your self-deception re your attitude with your ‘old bint’ of a librarian. So she wants you to mask up, while she ‘checks your revolver’ in your concealed-carry rig, so what? That sounds like a euphimism to me, for an inter-generational knee-trembler among the book aisles, or maybe just plain mommy issues? Hell, if she is loaded, go for it, be her toy-boy gigolo. At least she is the same species!


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