It Ain’t Over, The Democrats Are Just Reloading

The fact that Trump was going to be aquitted in that farce of an Impeachment sideshow was a foregone conclusion.

Now their real agenda is going to be deployed.

They want desperately to keep the guy from ever holding any office, ever again.

The fact that they are mortally terrified of the guy should be plainly evident to the most inattentive moran on the planet at this point.

Just for fun, my die hard Libtard brother called me a bit ago and he couldn’t resist dangling the bait in my face again.

I have studiously avoided talking politics with the guy ever since the election because he guzzles the Kool Aid by the gallon.

I bit hard and started taking line today.

Just as I knew it would, it turned into a long distance shouting match so after I had him wound up tight, I broke off the line.

Sometimes it’s just too easy.

21 thoughts on “It Ain’t Over, The Democrats Are Just Reloading

  1. That’s funny.

    imo best thing to do with a libtard is ignore them then they have to go to their leper colony echo chamber.

    2nd best is what you did. Wind em up and let em loose ! haha


  2. Next time, just 2 words for your brother: Trump’s turn.

    Several podcasters have been identifying Feb. 19 to 21 as key dates. Just hints, no details. And that doesn’t include the Supreme Court hearings since they’ve been saying those dates since December.

    But it is definitely Trump’s turn.

    There is probably a good bridge phrase using trump that would work too.

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  3. This is hilarious. The libtards aren’t acting, they’re reacting. Trump has developed a bunch of real estate in their heads and is now living in it rent free!


  4. There are 8 Republican Senators and 10 Republican House members who
    went along with this farce. Please thank the corrupt deep state RINOs for
    identifying themselves. The need to be primaried to the depths of hell for
    their treachery. If we can’t sting them up, let’s do the next best thing!


    • They identified themselves long ago but continue never letting us forget who they are.
      For over a decade now it’s been my belief that the entire party needs to go.
      We’ve always known where the dems have stood. They’ll lie, cheat,fight and steal.
      The republicans are just weak kneed liars and like being run over being victims.
      They’re just as much the enemy to the country as the democrats.
      EF them all!!!!!


      • Rush Limbaugh made a point about a month ago…..why should we start a third party;just kick out the rinos from the GOP and hit restart.
        In fact I think the rinos are helping us out in that regard; they are talking about starting a third party….so let them……and don’t let the door hit ya where God split ya!!!


        • Are you talking about the same Rush Limbaugh that was pushing McCain and Romney? I don’t ever remember him saying, hey guys these are rhinos so hold your nose and vote for them anyway.
          Nope, I remember good ol’ Rush telling me this is the most important presidential election of our lifetime and you must get out there and vote for both of them.

          Sorry Steve, Rush has made a fortune being really good at his job.
          He’s an entertainer.

          My experience as a twice elected republican committee man in one of the most affluent counties on the east coast and being in the middle of that cesspool at the county level , I saw things that would make you puke.

          I’m sticking with my knowledge of just how bad they are and Rush Limbaugh can keep shilling for them from behind his microphone as long as his health allows him.


          • Rush Limbaugh, like the rest of us, was obviously taken in by you freaking slimeballs (of both parties). I have only very recently learned how freaking deceptive the republicans are, though I caught on to the democrats’ act many years ago. None of them can be trusted any farther than a cheap rusty pistol can shoot. The republicans are dead to me, just like the democrats have been ever since the days of Jimmy Carter.


            • P.S.- We- and I am speaking for most republicans including Rush Limbaugh, assumed, rightly or wrongly, that Mittens Romney and John (Mc)Cain were better than the democrats that they ran against. Now we know that they are all the same. Asshole elites who do not care one bit about our beloved country.

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          • Millions of us had to hold our nose and vote for Mittens and John
            McStain as the lesser of two evils. We did the same for Dole
            v Blow Job Billy. Between Clinton and Ubangi, they represented
            an existential threat to America. Sitting out those elections were
            not an option.

            Having said that, I am torn about a third party run. If the turncoats
            who voted against Trump were to be primaried out of their seats
            it would send shivers up the spines of establishment Republicans.
            The message would be reform or die! On the other hand, if
            anyone could pull off a third party election, it would be Trump.
            Two years after Trump was elected nine of the Republican
            RINOs who refused his endorsement out of eleven got their
            asses kicked in the primaries.

            Trump has more than 70 million followers and we arent going
            anywhere. Even if he does not run in 2024, he will be a king-
            maker like Sarah Palin. After McStain lost, for the next 3
            election cycles EVERY Republican and TEA Party candidate
            she endorsed were elected. Having been acquitted for the
            second time, Trump will not go gentle into that good night.
            Trump is not going away any time soon. He will be a thorn
            in the side of whoever is pulling Biden’s puppet strings.

            The left cannot help themselves, they will overplay their
            hand and alienate the voting public. Give us your worst,
            we survived Carter, Clinton, and Ubangi!

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        • So we’d have “Democrat/Socialist”, “Democrat/Socialist Light” and “GOP”. At least that way, I’d know my donation isn’t going to support Romney, Murkowski or Collins.


  5. Yes….the swamp truly does hate Trump. NOBODY has done more to shine a light on the total crime and corruption that exist in the Fed Gov….. on BOTH sides of the aisle. So both sides want him silenced, by any means necessary. The “peach mint” circuses failed. Now they will go after him with faux criminal investigations. If they get a clear shot expect them to try and assassinate him. But make no mistake about it. NOBODY poses a threat to them like Trump did and they WILL MAKE AN EXAMPLE out of him. The added benefit of all their insanity is it distracts the simpletons from what the left is ACTUALLY doing.


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  7. Anyone that thinks voting in 2022 or 2024 matters just does not get it. You are not going to vote yourselves out of this. They are now guesstimating over 20 million fraudulent votes. They don’t care if you vote, as long as only they count the votes. They will just manufacture more as needed. They will not give up control. Ever. They will still be trying to control as the windows are being blown out and they see their swamp mates being lined up against the wall, believing their power will prevail. Unless we fail to act. Then we are a failure to our heritage and forefathers.


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