It’s Crude And I Don’t Like It But There It is

It took quite a bit of finagling just to get that much put up but by seemingly popular demand, there is now a semi link to a Paypal donation site over on the right sidebar at the top under the picture of the Smithy.

. As far as I can tell, WordPress wants you to pay them and upgrade to a Business Plan to be able to get an actual PayPal button that you can just click on and I ain’t paying those people that much money. So ya gotta copy the link and paste it in a search bar to get to it. It is what it is but that did work for me when I tried it.


It looks like you can just click on the little Paypal button over there and it works.

Too much technology for my technophobe little ass.

I had to set up some kind of new account at Paypal but it should work.

It also forced me to put up a minimum payment because the way I had to make the thing work at all was to fool them into thinking I was selling something. Zero didn’t work.

Just so we are clear, I am not sticking my hand out here. I have received several messages from people wanting to donate to me for some reason I can’t quite wrap my head around and this is in response to that.

I should get an email notification if someone actually manages to make that work so make damn sure you leave me a way to send you a Thank You message if you do try this.

If for some reason this turns into a clusterfuck or I start getting messages that it isn’t working then I am going to go back in and delete it, then wash my hands of it.

It’s not something I really wanted to do in the first place. I have seen the generosity of some of you already and it has humbled me to my core.

15 thoughts on “It’s Crude And I Don’t Like It But There It is

  1. I tried to “paypal” my gift items, but they wouldn’t go into the slot pictured on the screen. Need a mailing address instead. Bonus points for an address which is not your residence, like a mail box service. I wonder if USPS still accepts “General Delivery to Firstname, Lastname at Post Office’s Street Address”?


    • OK, please bear with me here. This is all new to me.
      I looked into a PO Box, it’s $75 for six months.
      Looks Like I will have to go get one anyway.
      Give me a few days because of the weather and when I get it straightened out I will put it up on the side bar too.
      I need to go down to the Post Office anyway as soon as the weather and my work schedule permits.
      Thank you very much for thinking of me.


      • If you don’t think you’ll use it much, General Delivery to the USPS doesn’t cost you a rental fee. That said, I personally have a UPS Store (formerly Mail Boxes Etc.) mailbox and now I never worry about packages getting stolen off the porch, or not delivered because nobody is home to sign for them. Get the smallest box because your packages don’t have to fit in the box, they just put the claim slips in the box. If the package ships by normal UPS and doesn’t require a lift gate, i.e. it’s under 125 pounds or so, they just handtruck it into a corner. I picked UPS Store/Mail Boxes Etc. instead of USPS because USPS won’t accept UPS or FedEx, while UPS Store accepts all the shipping service brands.


    • I appreciate the hell out of that. You should have gotten an Email from me thanking you.
      You are the very first one to donate!
      I have to agree with your sentiments too, there sure seem to be a whole lot more of them around than there used to be.


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