18 thoughts on “And You Wonder Why I Like Heavy Metal?

    • When you get done with them maybe think about sending them to that poor old codger that lives across the street from Phil.
      I’m sure he’d probably be appreciative.


      • Poor old Chuck likely has no need of hearing protection any more, with that whippersnapper Phil blasting out death metal while he tinkers with cars. I think that Phil maybe has to play that to drown out his own swearing.


  1. Mr egorr, it is not unusual to find old fridge trays, repurposed into expedient barbecue grills at old campsites, miners’ camps, ringers’ camps and stockyards. They were mostly cadmium-plated in the olden days, when you were young, so have been poisoning every user since. When I find them, I twist them into a mess, then bury them so nobody is tempted to reuse them.


  2. Cederq, it just comes naturally to me, living an honest life has treated me so well. You must’ve sprinkled lead oxide on your cheerios, I reckon. I tried calculating your BMI from data you posted, but it flattened my phone battery. At least you’ll come in handy to use as a bad example, the next time my doctor says I’m too fat.


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