Shucky Darn!

The Boss man just called me and they decided to keep it shut down until tomorrow because only two other guys were going to try and make it in.


So I guess you are stuck with me tonight after all.

He says I can make up the hours on Thursday.

The Wifely Unit though, she pounced on the opportunity to send me out in harm’s way to fetch something for dinner because she wasn’t planning on me being here.

She has no mercy that one.

8 thoughts on “Shucky Darn!

  1. Do they ever? Go to OSF and get something different from what she wants.

    Although, if you did that, her head would look like the space meme you posted.



  2. I used to work for the biggest logger in NorCal. In the winter when the woods would get shut down they were good enough to keep me working in the Cat Shop.
    One winter when our county got slammed with a pretty good sized storm and everything was pretty much shut down the local paper sent a reporter out to see what was going on and he was amazed to see it was business as usual at our place. When he asked the owner of the company why it was that all his people managed to get to work in a foot and a half of snow he got the classic Lowell Robinson response: “They don’t get paid if they don’t show up for work”.
    End of story.

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  3. I keep cans of soup and some peanut butter for just such an occasion.
    That way you can look at the wifey unit and say, what you can’t make a samich?


      • Try these to make your workweek lunches more interesting: Beef, Chicken, Turkey or Sausage Pasties. If you’ve got a heat source at work (mine was the hydraulic tank on the machine I ran) wrap them in foil and give them a few hours to simmer.

        Now, that’s something to look forward to at lunchtime!


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