Finally Done With THE BIG FREEZE

Sheese, that was fun.

The temps have risen and are supposed to stay above freezing for the most part around here. There are still a few low spots that could still get some more freezing rain but those are few.

As far as I can tell we didn’t lose a bunch of tree branches this time by some small miracle either.

The side streets are still a mess but the main roads are clear so I am going to take the chains off the pickup and just go slow until I can hit pavement.

Of course it’s going to keep right on raining and drizzling but that is normal around here this time of year.

I talked to Irish at 04:30 this morning just as I was getting in bed and he says now it’s their turn with the ice and crap.

I told him to load up on grub and booze so that when it hit he could just hunker down.

If there isn’t a dire need for something you don’t want to be out driving around on the ice.

I’m sure it’s going to take a couple/ three days for all this snow to melt off but according to the weather Bimbo it’s not supposed to get below 38 degrees from here on out.

That is fine by me.

At this point it’s all about COME ON SPRING!

I have to get ready for work and go get wet taking those chains off but that is a small chore I will be more than happy to take on.

10 thoughts on “Finally Done With THE BIG FREEZE

  1. Yea, we’re getting a hard freeze tonight here in Pensacola. Temp at 20 and wind chill in the low teens/high single digits with about 80% humidity. That shit cuts right through your clothes.


      • Shit…I took out the trash and ran up to get smokes in a hooded jacket and shorts.
        Looking like I have gorilla somewhere in my family line, the natural sweater makes up for the difference.


  2. Getting ready for round two here in Texas.
    It was -1 this morning at the airport in Dallas.
    I’m at a power plant just south of Fort Worth unloading tankers of diesel.
    Trying to keep the grid up.


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