How To Get Snow Off Your Vehicle

I just found this and I’m gonna give it a whirl. I have a cheap battery powered leaf blower and I was just wondering how to get six inches of snow off the top of the cab and the canopy on my truck.

11 thoughts on “How To Get Snow Off Your Vehicle

  1. I’ve been clearing my vehicles, sidewalks, and driveway with my gas powered leaf blower for the past week. Have to use a small shot of ether to start it when it is below 20 degrees above. The low this morning was -9F. Supposed to be -15 degrees in the morning (actual, not wind chill).


  2. Put a hot water bottle on the dashboard in front of the driver. That way, it will warm that part of the screen and make it demist a bit faster.

    Oh, and stick to the bus routes of you can – they always plough and grit them to keep the buses running.


  3. I tried that a couple of years ago and found that the plastic impeller hated being stressed at temperatures below freezing and it shattered.
    We haven’t tried to repeat the experiment with the replacement blower.


  4. The Cascade Concrete we get over here will just laff at your silly assed leaf blower. That shit just packs butt plug tight, and then turns slick as owl snot then into ice. Only way of getting it off stuff is to use some of Manuels effort on it. Now if that bastard would just hang around for the winter I’d have the problem solved, but the little prick scurries off & hides under some rocks somewhere every winter….


    • Much the same with what we in southern Oregon call Siskiyou Cement.
      I told my wife when we moved to the Oregon Outback that she would have the luxury her sister has of a garage to park in with a remote operated door. I just had the door replaced as the old one was slowly self-destructing and I was not going to have it jam halfway open on me when it did die.
      My truck is another matter as it wouldn’t fit under the garage door even if there was room, which there isn’t. I’ve learned to brush it free of snow while it’s still fluffy before it morphs into concrete.


  5. Bwahahaha bwahahaha
    Not happening round here. The snow was six inches deep on my truck hood and windshield today. I use a big push broom to clear it off.


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