4 thoughts on “I Tripped Over The Cat And Landed In The 80’s!

  1. Reminds me of being a kid during the 70’s. Wondering what was waiting for us up ahead. Would we be “Red Dawn”? Or “Terminator”? Or just continuing on like always? The fog is even thicker now than then…


  2. I still have both of their albums, around here some where. Actually, I mean both of their cassettes.
    Radioactive was my favorite tune from them. An under rated and under appreciated band, to be sure.

    Whitehall, NY


  3. Saw them in concert for their first album. When you get the chance to see Jimmy Page and Paul Rodgers, you pay the money and go see them. I had high expectations for both of them, and wasn’t disappointed. Tony Franklin on bass was fine, he didn’t excel, but he kept up. But I was blown away by Chris Slade on drums. Beat the drums hard like Bonzo, and did one of the best live drum solos I’ve ever seen. Dude is an animal.

    Thanks for bringing back memories. Gotta go dig that out and listen to it again…


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