The Bastards Killed Mrs. Potato Head!!

Totally acceptable collateral damage in their never ending quest to erase gender identity the way they see it.

These cretins could fuck up a cast iron anvil with a rubber mallet.

I assume that’s the “New And Improved” Mr. Potato Head there on the right?

I weep for the future generations of kids in this country.

They are going to be more fucked up than a soup sandwich.

Already are, actually.

It’s just going to get worse.

8 thoughts on “The Bastards Killed Mrs. Potato Head!!

  1. An old Arkie I worked for when I was a kid used to say of his jackleg drivers-
    “He could tear up an iron wedge in a feather bed with a rubber hammer.”

    He also called a grommet a “dromitter’. When you’d ask him “A what?” his reply was “A dromitter. A dromitter! A DROMITTER!”
    Once you’d finally figure out what he was talking about and ask him “Do you mean a grommet?” he’d bark “Yeah. A DROMITTER!”, like you were a deaf idiot.


    • I’ve heard that as “He could break an anvil in a sandbox and lose one of the pieces.”

      Conversations with a Tennessee brother-in-law about his use of the word “scannel” resulted in this explanation: “Scannel! SCANNELL! S-C-O-U-N-D-R-E-L! Scannel!”


  2. “fuck up a cast iron anvil with a rubber mallet.” I’ll be using this one !

    They literally fuck up everything they ouch don’t they?


  3. I guess one more toy I won’t be buying, don’t like “Woke” toys… I did like the comment in the article “Potatus” I am using that when I refer to Potatus Bidet….


  4. Anyone would be wise, if they can possibly pull it off, to pull their kids from all indoctrination centers, pubik, private, and christian and home school them, using books on history etc written back in the 60 & 70’s (and they are sometimes questionable).
    That as I see it is the only way you can prepare your kids and eliminate them having to succumb to this present bullshit woke-cancel culture-gender fluid madness. At the very least they will be aware of it enough to call bullshit on it…..

    Just say no….. now would you kindly go fuk yourself needs to become the most common reply to any of this bullshit….


  5. Shit, so much wrong here.

    That photo is racist. Putting pink ears (and a pink nose) on a brown face is racist. It teaches kids that faces of color should have white features. But all good people know that wide noses and oversized lips are the true acme of beauty. (Although perfection is not achieved without the obligatory 50-inch ass.)

    Also, fucking with Mr Potatohead is anti-Semitic. Mr P was invented by a Jew. (Random but true fact.)

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