13 thoughts on “They Are Learning

  1. True too. 1970’s fridge down in the basement still running with no maintenance other than ice maker quit (don’t need it). Have gone through 2 other fridges


  2. A couple years back we came home from a trip to find the fridge dead. It kept trying to kick on, but couldn’t quite do it. I called a service tech in. It took him less than five minutes to find the dead relay, he had one in the truck, and it was up and running. He told me “Don’t ever let this one get away. I make a living repairing or scrapping fridges that are five to eight years old on average.” I’ve had this one 38 years and don’t know how much older it was before I got it.
    I have a few inherited appliances that my mother got as wedding presents in 1950. My favorite is the Waring blender with a glass jar that is tough as granite. It has a single toggle switch on the front that says “on-off”. Works like a champ.


  3. Grew up on a farm, with a fridge that ran off propane.
    After I moved to college, the folks sold it to a guy in Colorado who didn’t have electricity in his area.
    As far as I know, it’s still going strong.


  4. Wife and I moved into an apartment in 1970, we bought the refrigerator that had to be 20 years old at the time. We moved into our house in 1976 and it’s run in the basement since then. We’re on our third refrigerator in the kitchen since moving in.


    • Yeah, shoulda mentioned that my old fridge is of course, avocado green. It sits in the garage next to the big freezer that I bought in 1990 as a “refurb” with a new compressor. No idea what its vintage is, and it sports more rust on the finish than paint, but they both hum right along.


  5. We Still have the one from the 70’s about 6 feet from me right now still working, We had a Freezer that my parents bought in 1950 it finally died in 2000.


  6. Practically everything made in the 60’s & 70’s was built better than the shit now, including the people. But then consider that everything made now is made in fuckin chinklandistan and ewe don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out…..


    • I’ve noticed that the heathen Chinee are extremely stingy with the copper in anything electrical. This could explain why ‘Murrican appliances made in the 60’s and 70’s last so much longer.


  7. Folks bought an acreage. Kitchen appliances were all avocado green. Fridge stopped cooling. Mom was happy and started looking for new fridges.

    Dad and I pulled it away from the wall, vacuumed the condenser coils (under fridge mount), lubed the fan, and had it cooling again in about an hour. Mom was not happy.

    She finally got a new one, and the avocado green monster is still chilling beer in a friend’s man cave.

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  8. Refrigerator 3 years old. First it stops dispensing ice. No problem. Then it stops making ice – problem. Repair guy comes – all the wires come through the freezer door at the bottom where the door pivots to open and close. Every time you open and close the door the wires stretch. Takes about 2 to 3 years for the wires to break. Solution – need new freezer door at about – with labor and taxes $1900.00. Repair guy left. I went to Walmart and bought ice cube trays. Spent about $7.00. Problem solved.

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