Like I Don’t Have Enough Projects…

I saw this a year or so ago and filed it away in my brain pan, somewhere next to the ten thousand other interesting things I have run across.

This afternoon after The Wifely Unit got back from her folks, I called up and ordered some 1 inch square tube, went and picked it up and have already cut almost all the pieces out.

I am building a slightly different version of this so I can mount a Skil 6 inch grinder over the top of my vintage belt driven unit that I have mounted to a wooden tool bench with a steel top on it.

Watching this really makes me want a Tig welding set up. The little Miller 110 V welder I have has the capabilities to put one on it, something I am going to have to seriously look into.

Anyways, this is a pretty good way to save some space in a little work shop or a massively overstuffed garage like mine.

Like I said, mine is a little different.

I cut the actual mounting rails and drilled them for the mounting bolts, discovered I didn’t have an 3/8’s bolts that were long enough, went up and bought 5 POUNDS of 1/4. 5/16’s and 3/8’s nuts and different lengths of bolts at $2.99 a pound at Wilco Farm Supply and got home just in time to have dinner.

I’m going to bolt the two rails under the grinder and then line up the uprights and mark where they need to be welded into place to make things easier. The uprights will be able to slide in between the two pieces of square stock at the back after I tack them together so it will make it easier to locate them.

When it’s all done I will have reclaimed a whopping one square foot of space on top of a side cabinet that I have sitting on a moving cart that is sitting next to the drill press.

I’ll take every square inch of room I can get.

4 thoughts on “Like I Don’t Have Enough Projects…

  1. If you mounted them face to face, then wired the belt driven one to run backwards, you could make your own centerless pinch/peel grinder.
    Just a thought. 😉

    Whitehall, NY


  2. How do you keep the grinding bits out of the second grinder? Seems metal dust in the stators of the lower grinder might be ah.. bad?

    My grinder has vent holes so thus the query.


    • The bottom grinder is an old belt driven unit that I rebuilt and the drive motor is under the table. Look closely and you will see that I cut a hole in the top of the table for the belt to go through.


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