8 thoughts on “Way To Go Jake!

  1. Back in the day when I carried a voice beeper, I used to open up the squelch and just listen to the audio. On Saturday nights it was freakin’ hilarious to listen to people falling apart, drunk, funny, or just plain stoopid!
    I once had a page for a Heart Surgeon, I called the hospital right away and told them that *I* got the message and they’d better re-page the guy stat!! Oops…


    • I had a voice pager at one point in my so called career as an Engineer at big aerospace defense company. One time my Mother and Step Father were in town with the RV and called the office looking for me. I got a page while I was in a meeting that said “Call your Mommy”. We had too much fun with those voice pagers.


      • Mine was when I was in CHURCH Sunday School and somebody at work called and said, “Igor, would you please come in and fix this f***ing microfiche copier!!!”

        Eveybody got real quiet when that came over the air, I tried to crawl under a chair – when I got there that particular somebody was informed that everybody heard the message quite clearly… never had a problem with that again!


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