10 thoughts on “Oh Sure, Rub It In And Step It Up A Couple Notches

  1. Don’t pay any attention to that. The cords will get tangled. Takes up too much room, too. You’ve got a slick system that will work better for your needs. If you’re hellbent on kicking it up a notch, build a polishing grinder. Put about six or eight on a shaft and then you’ll have something.

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  2. I remember seeing a 3-sided flip table for grinders, etc. in the Sears tool catalog maybe 25 years ago. Meant to get one, never did.


  3. Maybe. Except that’s a lot of structure to substitute for a small amount of counter space. And the machine not in use in the front will get in the way of getting close to the machine in use. I’m not a huge fan of the vertical stack, either, but they don’t get in the way of using each other. Just put a third story on your stack.


    • And I agree with Anonymous; it needs to have stops built in so it doesn’t make more than 360 degrees rotation to keep the cords from twisting up.


  4. Not brought to you by osha. Plug unplug plug unplug plug unplug stack is better and besides waste collection not shown. Would make for a metal dusty shop. The music is superb. That tune and Benny Hills theme music are two of my favorites.


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