• I have had a wife and several girlfriends tell me to sleep on the couch, i told them since i pay the bills they can sleep on the couch!!!! grayman


        • When My late father was in the hospital after putting in his pacemaker. He pulled his Foley catheter.out while coming out of the anesthetic


          • When I had my lower back fused in 85 I started having excrutiating pain in my bladder and kidneys a couple days later. The fucking nurses ignored me when I started complaining about it.
            I found a pencil in the night stand next to the bed and figured out how to bleed the pressure off the catheter and pulled it out. The tip of the thing was blocked solid by a blood clot and I about pissed all over myself before I could snag the piss jar they had left there.


          • That happens more then you think. We used to soft restraints the hands of patients coming out of anesthesia after surgery if older and combative.


            • Yeah, I recently got the hernia I got for Christmas repaired. One OR nurse was tying my wrists to the table and explained “These are so you don’t try to help.”
              The anesthesiologist then piped up with “And the anesthesia is so you don’t try to give advice.”


  1. Thats why I remain single. Nothing against women and marriage or even kids, fortunately it fits the bill for the majority of people. But generally speaking, for me anyway, not worth the effort it takes to keep a happy relationship.
    But considering having lived in 48-50 different places in 5 different countries, as well as more jobs than I can count, it’s hard to find someone willing to put up with that type personality.
    I’ve made and spent fortunes, spent most of my money on cars, trucks, airplanes, machinery, bikes boats, booze and wayward women, the rest I just wasted. I’m capable of doing my own dishes and laundry, or not……

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