Are You Ready For Amerizuela?

Best get that way because it’s coming.

The total number of Billionaires exploded in this country after last year.

They pocketed over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS all by themselves and now have almost twice as much money as the bottom 50% of the rest of the entire country.

On top of that, our economy is being cratered intentionally.

Trillions of Federal Reserve Notes, otherwise known as dollars, have been pulled out of thin air and put into circulation.

That effectively devastates our buying power.

You can make more money picking up Pop Cans on the side of the road than you get from interest on a Savings Account.

For Real.

Millions of business were intentionally killed off last year, along with the jobs that went with them.

The small business that are still left are struggling to stay in existence.

The total Back Rent and Overdue Mortgage payments alone are in the Billions of dollars.

Corporations, hedge funds and investors are buying up properties so fast that the housing market is being over run with people who’s sole purpose is to buy up as many houses as they can.

New home building has basically stopped because the price of lumber has gone up TWO HUNDRED PERCENT in the last year.

The business real estate market is in Free Fall at the moment and what businesses are left are abandoning brick and mortar buildings in droves.

Joe Chi Minh is using our tax money to put Illegal Aliens up in fucking hotels while our men and women in the National Guard who had to report to Washington D.C. for as of yet unknown reasons were forced to sleep on hard floors and fed tainted food.

Hundreds of thousand of Illegal Aliens are being allowed to flood across our border to the South, not being given dates to appear in court when they are caught and are allowed to run amok while being infected with the same Kung Flu that is being used as an excuse to choke the very life right out of the Natural Citizens of this country at the same time.

This same senile assclown is doing his damndest to start another World War to distract everyone from all the other shit that is going on.

In the mean time the very real possibility of a Civil War here becomes more of a certainty everyday.

If not a Civil War then another Revolutionary War here at home.

Millions and Millions of itchy trigger fingers are just waiting for an excuse to open fire from one end of this country to the other.

The Unemployment numbers that are officially reported are massaged so badly that they are an official joke but you can pretty safely add about ten points to whatever numbers they try to blow up your skirt.

At the same time corporations and some business are crying that they can’t get anyone to go to work for them.

BLM and ANTIFA are still busy burning shit down and rioting every damned day.

Our last Presidential election was stolen in the middle of the night, two Senate seats were swiped in the exact same manner and God only knows how many other races were rigged, probably all of them the way it is looking right now.

The Chinese effectively OWN this country and the politicians killing it.

This last Winter froze farmer’s crops right in the ground and there are already shortages of staple goods being reported.

Bill Fucking Gates now owns more Farm Land in this country than anyone.

Do I even need to mention the media who are all actively helping all of this fuckery happen?

Need I go on?

There are no bright spots.


Law and Order is a thing of the past at this point already.

The Shit is getting ready to Hit The Fan in a Biblical proportions.

It is way past time to start looking at the Underground Economy and time to start using it as much as possible because I can see where it may actually be the best way to get by very soon as everything else is circling the bowl.

All of it.

Start networking and get your own little supply chain going.

Got Skills?

Best start getting the word out so people who will be needing them can find you.

Last year was a nightmare but you ain’t seen nothing yet.

This country is literally going to crash and burn in the not too distant future and the assholes in charge are pouring gasoline everywhere with one hand and fumbling with a book of matches with the other as you read this.

13 thoughts on “Are You Ready For Amerizuela?

  1. Not to worry, the vaccine will transform your thought processes to the point that you will feel like you’re in Nirvanna as you work in the new Ameri-China sweatshops for 20 cents a day.

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  2. Just one little tidbit: Hyperinflation is here now. I needed unscented bleach to de-winterize my trailer water system. Shopping here in the Oregon Outback is more than a little limited, so off to DG I went. Over $4 for the brand X, and it wasn’t even a full gallon. Name brand was over $6 (though it was 7.5% as opposed to the brand X at 6%). Have you noticed how those round red plastic tubs of Folgers get shorter every week? Same price, but less in it all the time.
    There are many other countries where the underground economy is actually larger than the official fiat currency economy. So you’re spot on Phil that barter is coming back in a big, big way.


  3. About savings accounts vs pop cans:

    I have a Money Market Account that two years ago was paying $150/month in interest. My last interest payment — on a larger balance — was $2.32.

    You are spot on in your assessment.


    • Similar interest on a sizable balance, feel your pain.

      The good news is that we soon will all be billionaires! Just like everybody in Zimbabwe was a few years ago. I cannot wait until the Treasury issues $500 Billion notes (but it will take a milk crate full of them to fuel up my truck…)


  4. “The Chinese effectively OWN this country and the politicians killing it.”

    The Chinese may be TRYING to own it, but it’s another millennia-old incredibly ethnocentric group that controls a huge proportion of the politicians (including those supposedly on the right), the financial system, entertainment/news/popular culture, and academia.


  5. What cannot continue WILL NOT continue. But you’d be amazed at how long those fleecing us can keep the house of cards intact while they continue to extract wealth from us. And since NOTHING ever happens to them at the PERSONAL level in the way of negative consequences
    they have no reason to stop fleecing us. Till that reality changes things will NOT get better.


  6. Y’all need to come on down to Texas, cause we’re building houses just as lickety split as is possible. I could hire 2 full time draftsmen TODAY if I could find any willing to work, and gooood luck getting a subcontractor, if you don’t already know them. $6 studs? $30 OSB? No problemo! One of my new homebuilder clients is selling her 1st build…. before they start construction! 3-2 all brick 2 car, starting about $160k. Like I say, come on down to Texas!


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