11 thoughts on “Try Flipping It Over

  1. When I explained to my boys how a vinyl record worked they thought I was kidding. I also told them that you used need a service call from the phone company to move a phone to another room. There was a phone number you could call to find out what time it was so you could set your watch. Everybody also had a little sticker on the phone with numbers for the Fire and Police departments because there was no 911. I also remember in the early 80’s when digital audio tape cassettes came out and were going to be the next big thing but got superseded by CD’s. I think I might legitimately be an Old Fart.


  2. Too bad that was a Ford cassette player, I need a new AM/FM Cassette for my Chevy truck, the cassette player went tit’s up… shows you how old I am.


    • There are companies that refurb/repair old ones. Spendy, but they’re out there.

      Heck, if *I* could find parts, I could fix it for ya!
      (Chances are a belt got old/worn/stretchy/ossified – I’ve fixed a few of them that way…)


  3. With intelligence like this is it any wonder why society is so enamored with socialism, these fukin retards have trouble dressing themselves. How fucking lame assed can you get. With the mentality of the younger generation anymore, I have serious doubt of the viability of civilization. It will not be long before we are living in 1930, Germany, papers please, we the elite need to know who you are, why your where you are, what your dong here, who you talk to, here you go, what you think, what you eat, and on and on and on. Hey comrade – fuck straight off…..


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