11 thoughts on “Gotta Watch Out For That Muzzle Blast

  1. Don’t know who those two idiots are, but neither was trained as a gunner experienced with live fire. The cord is way too short and the gunner should be 15 feet back and to the left at about 30 degrees off center. The observer should have also been farther back and had his ears cupped shut and mouth wide open to equalize the pressure.


  2. WRSA is down and has been since at least 8:00AM today. This morning I got a no connection timeout. A few minutes ago I got a error 502 Bad Gateway.


  3. PAK 40 (PanzerAbwherKannon) — 75mm anti-tank gun (40 = 1940, year of adoption into service); Gunner would be stationed on the left to sight the gun, assistant gunner would fire the gun, ammo bearer would be to the right behind holding the next round, additional crew (2) would be ready with additional rounds. A vehicle driver would be ready with a half-track prime mover to shift the gun to an alternate firing position. Doctrine stated that the gun would not change position if the crew were under fire (didn’t want to expose the gun and crew to potentially fatal enemy fire).


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