14 thoughts on “OH NO, NOT THE VELVET JESUS!

  1. The one piece of kitsch that I would really like to find is a velvet Elvis.
    Don’t know if it’s still there or not, but there used to be a “24 hour Church of Elvis” down in old town Portland. All of about 18 inches wide, but a landmark nevertheless. Now though, you couldn’t pay me enough to set foot anywhere near downtown Portlandia.


  2. When I was cleaning my mom’s stuff out, I saw some sort of spook run thru her living room. I sat there for a bit trying to talk myself out of it when an upstairs table lamp came on by itself. No bs.


  3. the velvet is cool but the overall pic is better,,,,many thousands of words spoken there, best of luck with the task at hand and prayers sent for you and moms


    • Oh but we did!
      Thankfully those of us who were working on it today made sure the rest of the family will remain ignorant. We even found a bunch of stuff of my Dad’s that we somehow missed an he’s been gone for 8 years now.
      It’s all good, nothing too weird compared to some horror stories I have heard.
      Ya just gotta remember the time period they were still young in for perspective.
      I certainly wasn’t shocked or scandalized by anything.


  4. Actually that V.J. is not all that bad. I’ve seen far worse. Framed. Hung in the living room. Intentionally. By my kin.


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